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[Video] Philip McCluskey represents Raw Food on CBS's The Doctors

Our apologies for the bootleg clip. We wanted to get this up as soon as possible, but we'll be getting a better version up soon.

Well done Tegra Little. And way to go Philip! It's clear those doctors were truly blown away by your testimony. Score one for you and the raw food movement.

Kerri said in a recent comment:

"Awesome, i was surprised that the doctors were so open minded about the raw thing.. i almost wish they researched it more though, they seemed like they didn't know what to make of it all, and were just like, "alright.. cool.."

I do agree with Kerri. The Doctors were a little "that's good for you" about it, but I have a feeling the viewers will be Google'n "raw food" after they saw the show today, and that's what counts.

As my friend Dr Alejandro Junger MD would say, "You can't argue with results!"