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Raw food and Spirituality, my interview with Raw Epicurean

I recently was invited by Raw Epicurean to participate in their weekly interview series. Since I can't make food like Shannon or share a powerful physical transformation story like Philip, I decided to talk about what I know - Spirituality.

Here's a little excerpt:

RE: How would you describe the link between raw food and spirituality?

DP: I define spirituality as reducing the thoughts you have so that true consciousness can emerge. Raw Food alone will not do this. I know a lot of people who eat raw who are just as ungrounded as the next person. But if you have had an initial awakening, if you’ve had a taste of present moment stillness, then raw food will support you in being able to go deeper. Again, it doesn’t do this by adding so much as not getting in the way. It’s not that raw food is some how “more spiritual” it’s just that it doesn’t get in the way like processed foods does.

One thing though, that I’ve noticed, is that when you start eating heavier raw foods, gourmet raw foods, those foods sometimes can get in the way. They are more taxing on the digestive system. Having them occasionally is fine, but it’s not a good way to experience raw food daily.

You can read the full interview and participate in the book giveaway here.

Big thanks to Ingrid for the fantastic questions. Ingrid also has some great interviews she's done with Ani Phyo, Kristen of Kristen's Raw and a few others.

Side Note: Speaking of Philip, he was recently interviewed by fellow motivational speaker Stephen Hopson. Check out the full interview here.

Side Note: Speaking of Shannon, have you seen her latest cupake creations? Truly Amazing!