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Thank You from Dhrumil & Company

Dear readers, mentors, community members and friends,

With deep appreciation we thank you for helping to build the raw food network into one of the most supportive, inspirational, progressive, results-based communities in the world.

We thank you for being incredibly welcoming to beginners who are looking for guidance and a way to rise above their health challenges.

We thank you for being holistic in your approach and realizing that that relationships, spirituality, finances, physical fitness, mentality, love and the environment matter just as much as an individual's health.

We thank you for the thousands of blogs that you share freely, the hundreds of videos that take hours to create and the millions of comments and twitter postings that brighten everyone's day.

We thank you for your willingness to be dogma free in your health approach, and your larger dedication to transparency and authenticity.

Most importantly, we thank you for being you and being part of this larger community, making it one of the best places to share and grow online.

With Love,
Dhrumil, Philip, Anthony, Shannon, Sarma and the WLIR Squad