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Philip's Memories from 2008

What a beautiful and glorious journey this life is.  I am so glad that I chose be a part of it. ; )

As this year comes to an end I can't help but feel so much gratitude...

Gratitude for this amazing community that I have seen grow, and is so dear to my heart. Gratitude for those that have supported me online on the dozen different sites I update. Gratitude for those that have opened up their homes to me on my travels.

But most importantly, Gratitude for those that have opened up their hearts. Your love is felt and appreciated.  Together we are creating heaven on earth.

Please enjoy some of my Memories of 2008:


Jan 3rd: Daily Affirmation Video

Jan 15th: WeLikeItRaw Crew hosted Gabriel Cousens in NYC

Jan 19th: Gave my first lecture at Arnold's Way in PA.

Jan 18th: Interview with We Like It Raw

Jan 23rd: Begin my 100-Day Juice Feast (pic above)


March 3rd: Fasting from Speaking

March 13th: Garam Masala We Like It Raw Poconos Retreat (above)

March 13: "A Day in the Life of Philip McCluskey" Article

March 18th: Lovingraw.com 1 yr Anniversary

March 21st: Removed 12 mercury fillings from my mouth


March 29th: Spoke at Successfully Raw with Karen Knowler and WLIR Crew (above)


April 17th: Spoke at Veggie Magic, met Jenna Norwood & Harvey Diamond (above)

April 26th: Spoke at Catch a Health Habit in CT

May 1st: 2 yr raw anniversary / Finished 100-Day Juice Feast / Released nearly 200 lbs


May 2nd: Chocolate Party thrown for me by Gnosis Chocolate & WLIR (above)


May 20th: Flight to London for first International lecture. Part 2

May 25th: Hanging with Shazzie, Karen Knower, Kate Magic Part 2, 3, 4


June 11th: Hosted a Give It To Me Raw dinner in San Fran. Part 2, 3 (above)

June 23rd: The Cali tour continue to Ojai with Matt Monarch Part 2


June 26th: Hosted a Give It To Me Raw dinner in Los Angeles. Part 2 (above)


July 25th: On staff as food prep for David Wolfe Toronto Retreat


July 26th: Spoke at Conscious Living Festival in Alaska (above)


Aug 13th: Visited Woodstock, NY for a vacation.  Look at this treasure! (above)

Aug 23rd: Visited Jenny from Maine for a vacation.

Sept 5th: Spoke at Simply Raw Festival in Ottawa, Canada.  Part 2


Sept 12th: Spoke at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona (above)

Sept 16th: Back to Santa Monica and dinner at Au Lac with friends.

Oct 14th: My Raw Family Video


Oct 15th: Live on CBS show "The Doctors" in LA. (above)

Oct 18th: San Francisco Dinner Bash.

Oct 24th: San Luis Obispo Dinner

Oct 25th: Los Angeles lecture and dinner party at Au Lac


Oct 29th: Attended Journey's For the Soul Eden Hot Springs Event

Nov 18th: Visiting friends in Florida


Dec 13th: Birthday party for Chocolate Girl at COSM (above)

So... 25 flights and 132 blog posts later, I bid goodbye to 2008.

It was the best year ever - but I got a feeling next year may top that!


The proof is in the pudding.  Raw works.  My life works.
Everything is perfect.  Happy New Years.

All my love,