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Reclaiming Your Power

It’s been almost a month since I returned from the West Coast and I just realized that I hadn’t shared all the beautiful moments I had experienced, with you.  I will pick up after the whole CBS adventure, and then travels to LA and San Francisco.  During that period I also visited San Luis Obispo, Eden Hot Springs, The Tree of Life, Scottsdale, and finally Florida.   


(AmyRuth loading nut mylk into Brandie's bike so she can drive it to the cafe)

San Luis Obispo
I was blessed over a year ago to meet a new friend AmyRuth on MySpace.  We chatted for a while, and then little did I know at the time I also met her roommate Brandie.  We all met this year in person at Raw Spirit Festival and they invited me to hang out with them for a few days at their place in San Luis Obispo. 

Brandie owns Smiling Dog Café, and works there along with AmyRuth.  Smiling Dog Café is a branch off of Smiling Dog Yoga Studio, and did I mention it’s raw!  How cool is that?  You can get your stretch-on during your yoga class, and then get to head out with a green juice or yummy dish in-hand.

One of the reasons I wanted to spotlight them was because they are a shining examples of raw foodists that really walk the talk.  From the moment I walked into their house I immediately felt at home.  Brandie offered me her bed (cacao colored organic sheets) while she slept in the living room.  I tried to protest, but they don’t play games.  As I strolled through the house I saw the following:

  • Every spice and superfood in giant mason jars taking up multiple shelves on an entire wall of its own.
  • Five jars of kombucha fermenting on top of the refrigerator.
  • Six jars sprouting upside down in multiple sink strainers
  • Refrigerator full of greens, dips, and even a strawberry sauce, yum!
  • Every appliance imaginable including 3 dehydrators
  • Organic bathroom products
  • Outdoor garden
  • Mini outdoor greenhouse with sprouts growing
  • Clothes drying on a clothes line

But more than their raw prowess in the kitchen and eco-green lifestyle, these ladies open their house every week for a raw food potluck for anyone in the area.  Even if you’re not raw, or just down on your luck, you can come by and enjoy a beautiful raw meal with lively souls radiating pure light and energy.  I got to experience two of these wonderful parties while there, and had a great time.  That is the true Raw Spirit.  Thank you both.

Check out more San Luis pictures here.

Tree of Life
I swung through Patagonia for a day to celebrate our birthdays with my good friend Savrah.  When scorpios unite, beware!  Savrah leases a home in Patagonia that she opens up for raw roommates.  Most of the people that live there work for The Tree of Life or Vivapura, both companies that hold it down in Patagonia.  You may also be able to rent a room or couch for the day if needed, so contact her ahead of time if you’re in the area.

I had chatted with my friend Courtney Pool during the day and decided that I needed to visit the Tree of Life at least once before heading out.  So I drove on over to enjoy a special lunch that they had put together and synchronistically caught my friend Dart (check out his pics and tell me raw doesn't give you muscle) just heading out for his lunch break.  He hoped in the car as we drove in, filled our plates, and hung out with Courtney and crew.  I didn’t really get a chance to explore the compound this time around, but I did get to enjoy the wonderful scenery and beautiful people.  The food was amazing, even the shot glass full of sauerkraut juice I was dared to drink was pretty good.

Check out more Tree of Life pictures here.


As I was finishing my tour, before heading back to the East Coast, I stopped off at the Mandala Tea Room.  They offered some yummy raw food snacks but more importantly a nice variety of delicious and soul satisfying selection of teas.  The cool thing about it was I got to sit near the window, on the floor, Indian-style.  I loved it!


Not long after I arrived back on the East Coast I quickly decided to visit a friend in Florida.  I mainly enjoyed the warmth and vitamins of the much-needed sun, but also made sand castles, went to Universal Studios and saw animals, and rode my first “real” rollercoaster. 

That’s right, 32 years old and I finally did it.  Why did I wait so long?  I could never fit in the seats before.  First coaster I was on I closed my eyes the entire ride as the machine climbed, teased, and then dipped with enough G-force to pin my head permanently against the platform behind me.  I sent out a Twitter about it and was immediately told by two friends that I wasn’t allowed to leave until I experienced a rollercoaster with my eyes opened.  So I did, and it was amazing.  I was able to actually meditate through the first one and it felt really good.  The second time around I was yelling!  Woohoo!

Check out more Florida pictures here.

Eden Hot Springs
My adventures at Eden are a blog on its own – due to come shortly.  It will include everything from my first sweat lodge experience, finding inner strength, sun gazing on top of a mountain with new friends, rattlesnakes, swimming in hot springs in the nude, and…. letting go of my iPhone, kind of.  This was one of the most memorable growth experiences I have gone through to date.  Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming blog.

Sneak a peek at the pics before the blog by clicking here.

Reclaiming Your Power
More and more these adventures keep bringing up the following lessons for me:

  • Be your own guru, doctor, and lover.  Self-love and empowerment is key.  The only things I focus my attention on arw those that point back to me.  When you capture the true essence of loving yourself you will discover magical perfection in every moment.
  • The Universe is always conspiring on your behalf.  There is nothing that could ever happen that could go “wrong.”  Don’t judge events, just be in the moment and recognize them as growth opportunities.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world.  Anyone can be a raw foodist, but I challenge you to the following:  Do you open up your home to others, is your house a sanctuary of love?  Do you love and accept everyone, even those pounding down burgers or living lifestyles you don’t agree with?  Do you see God in everyone’s eyes you meet, or are you looking for faults or things to compare yourself with?

Its time to reclaim your power, take back your responsibility, and shine!

Enjoy my latest YouTube video on the topic.

Peace and Love,

Philip McCluskey

PS.  If you’re in the NYC area I hope to see you at the Sexy Chocolate Dance Party for Chocolate Girl on Dec 13th at Alex Grey’s COSM.  Rumor has it David Wolfe will be there too!  Sign up today.