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Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News


23 minutes | Download the MP3 | via iTunes

Our guest today is Mike Adams. Mike is the founder of Truth Publishing, The Consumer Wellness Center and the very popular, Natural News.

Through the vehicle of web and the honesty of his heart, Mike has built a following of millions of health enthusiasts online.

Today we talk to Mike about how his health journey started, the evolution of his online community, his latest hip hop project and his upcoming Health Revolutions Tour.

Topics Covered

The Evolution of Natural News

  • The evolution of Mike's health crisis and how that turned into Natural News
  • Mike's take on why his site has become so popular and his definition of success

Mike the Socially Conscious Rapper

  • Mike's motivation behind choosing hip hop music as a vehicle to deliver the truth on natural health
  • What are some of the next songs that Mike plans to release and when can we expect them?
  • Mike's appreciation for hip hop and using it as a vehicle to connect with youth

A Shift in Consciousness

  • Is Mike optimistic about the future of health on this planet?

Raw Food Revolution

  • Mike's take on the raw food diet
  • How Mike is bringing the raw food revolution to the world

News Alerts and Companies to Watch

The Health Revolution Tour

  • Mike talks about the intention behind the tour, what cities he'll be stopping in and the speakers who will join him