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Mike Adams, the original G


Who you listening to these days? Kanye? Mos Def? Common? Pharrell? Mike Adams?

Wait... wtf? Mike Adams?

Yes! Mike Adams the founder and lead writer for the very popular NaturalNews.com has just reminded everyone why he is indeed the original gangsta. Well, more like the original health gangsta. 

Mike's just released single, "I Want My Bail Out Money" is a commentary on all the economic madness that's been taking place over the last year. Here's Mike in his own words on the motivation behind creating the song:

I wrote this song to help spread the message about the unprecedented theft of money from the American people that has been masterminded by the white-collar criminals running our country today. U.S. Treasury officials and Federal Reserve officials have conspired to steal trillions of dollars from everyday Americans by creating insane quantities of new money and handing it over to their rich, incompetent banker friends. It is one of the greatest financial cons ever perpetrated in human history, and yet few people seem to understand what's actually going on.

I Want My Bail Out Money track and lyrics as a YouTube video.

This single is part of Mike's just released album, Beyond All Reason - $7.99 at Truth Publishing.

If you're interested on why Mike chose the hip hop genre to communicate his message, check out this audio commentary.