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Shelley Abegg's Cancer Testimonial

More about Shelley Abegg

In 2001 Shelley Abegg was diagnosed with advanced stage of  breast cancer. As a single mother with a precious son she desired more than anything to live and be healthy. Shelley did some real searching for an answer. She decided to avoid chemo therapy and radiation in favor of raw food healing. Her story is inspiring and powerful."When I first went down this road, ninety-nine percent of the people in my world were devastated that I would make such a radical and unwise decision. Leaving the medical world for the raw food healing made most people very uncomfortable. I had people reflecting anger, tears of sadness and even threats. To others the ‘medical model’ seemed to be the only way to heal and they were extremely fearful that I would not survive if I choose a ‘natural model.’ I finally had to tell people that if they could not support me, then please stay away from me. With my own fears creeping up, I could not sustain fear and negative energy from others.

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