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Studying what works, an inspirational quote by Marcus Buckingham

Oprah is always up to something fresh. This time she's teamed up with career coach Marcus Buckingham to host a totally free 3 hour workshop online on the subject of Taking Control of Your Career. I just started watching the workshop on iTunes today and so far it's fantastic. Highly recommend checking it out especially if you feel you're at a crossroads in your career.

The workshop has nothing to do with health really, but when I heard the following opening statement by Marcus Buckingham I thought, "Man, the readers of We Like It Raw would love this!"

We have a whole world that's fascinated by weakness and tends to take strength for granted. And you can see this everywhere. To learn about health we study disease. To learn about joy and meaning and fulfillment in life we study depression. There are 40,000 clinical studies on depression and less than 400 on joy. That doesn't mean you shouldn't study depression, the point I suppose is that studying depression tells you nothing about joy.

[People think] that if you study bad an invert it you'll get good. But we're wrong. You study bad and invert it you get "not bad". And "not bad" is not the same as good.

I love simple analogies like this. They really drive home the idea that yes, so much of our attention really is wasted by focusing on what doesn't work.

Big ups Marcus!