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Interview with Cafe Gratitude founders, Matthew and Terce Engelhart


21 minutes | Download the MP3 | via iTunes

Our guests today are Matthew and Terce Engelhart.

Matthew and Terce are the co-founders of the Cafe Gratitude collective of restaurants. Cafe Gratitude is famously known for its dedication to community, its commitment to the teachings of abundance and amazingly tasty live food dishes.

Matthew and Terce first learned about the power of live foods while on their organic farm in Maui. Shortly after immersing themselves in literature they began a one month raw food trail that would create the foundation for their soon to open cafe.

Topics Covered

Questions of the Day

  • Question of the Day: "What's blessed about your life?"
  • What's the Shadow question of the day and what role does it play at Cafe Gratitude

Training in Abundance

  • How did Matthew's training in abundance start?
  • What does it mean to love money?
  • Are human beings abundant by nature?

Creating Cafe Gratitude

  • What did Matthew and Terce's one month raw food trial look like?
  • How did that trail lead to the idea of "Cafe Gratitude"
  • Did Matthew have any experience in the restaurant business before starting Cafe Gratitude?

A School of Transformation

  • What are the values that Cafe Gratitude stands for?
  • What does it mean to have a "Sacred Community"

The Commerce side of Sacred Commerce

  • How has the economy affected Cafe Gratitude's community support?In what ways is Cafe Gratitude support those who might be experiencing struggle during these financial times?
  • What words of advice do Matthew and Terce have for those looking to start a restaurant of their own?

Current Projects and Personal Questions