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Interview with Revvell Revati, host of Lets Talk Raw


44 minutes | Download the MP3 | via iTunes

Our guest today is Revvell Revati. Revvell is a wellness coach, author, and internet radio host who has over 22 years of experience in the space of holistic health.

Revvell is the host of the popular Rawkin Radio and newly formed membership site, Let's Talk Raw.

Revvell joins on the We Like It Raw podcast to talk about how her journey began, the power of having quality mentors and the importance of revealing your true self.

Interview Themes

  • Revealing your true self and seeing beyond conditioning
  • The power of mentors in one's journey
  • Approaching your health holistically and not just with food

Topics Covered

The Journey Begins

  • What roll Asthma played in Revvell's journey
  • How Revvell met her martial arts mentor and how he taught her to start going within

Revvell's Food Journey

  • Did Revvell experience any food or emotional detox when she moved to a vegetarian diet?
  • At what point did raw and live foods come into the picture?
  • What was Revvell's 3 month raw food trial like and what program did she follow?
  • What does Revvell's raw food diet look like today?

Revvell's Holistic Living Tips

  • How does Revvell suggest that one start integrating more raw food?
  • Revvell's tip for balancing a high raw diet
  • What does Revvell have to say about emotions of guilt that come from having "a bad day"
  • Revvell's comments on "being here now"
  • What does Revvell suggest one does when they've "forgotten themselves"

Revvell's Current Projects