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My Way: Linda Salas


This week's My Way feature comes to us all the way from Mexico! Linda Salas is a graphic designer, painter and bilingual blogger. She loves green juice, exotic fruits and "walking the earth with a smile on her face and love in her heart." Linda lives in Monterrey, Mexico with her soul-mate Eduardo.

My Way: Linda Salas

This is a great opportunity for me to write about how I live the raw food lifestyle because my own life is going through interesting changes, and the way I eat is one big part of that change. My name is Linda, I live in Mexico and have been eating raw for almost two years now. I keep a Spanish blog because there is very little of all this amazing information in our language. I also keep an English blog because most of my raw friends speak it and I like to share with them too.

I figure there are as many ways to practice raw foods as they are raw foodists out there. For instance, looking back on these days, I've noticed I've been eating a lot of sweet foods, while one month before that I didn't want sweets at all. Instead I craved mostly savory things and fresh greens. I share this to give you an idea of how my own eating habits varry from time to time.

There are some specific differences eating raw where I live vs eating raw in the US. I am very lucky to be able to get all my greens and most vegetables organic and local. I've visited the farm they are grown on and it is just amazing how much care goes into every step of their process. But very little of the fruit is of the same quality. I'm not complaining... there is a huge abundance of fruit and variety and the prices are not bad at all, but it's not organic.

Another difference is eating out... it is rarely an option. When we really want to go out we compromise and go to some sushi place and ask for nori rolls with rice and all raw insides like cucumber and carrots and avocado. We bring our own tamari of course.

This feature is a good opportunity for me to check in on how I am eating these days, and I did figure out a thing or two. Anyway, this is how the past weekend went... my way!

So my stomach has been a stranger lately and it was denying me sweet foods, but I wake up today, drink a glass of water, do some house stuff and test my digestion out. I eat a peach. Wow, those peaches are good! I rarely buy them but this one is good. Eduardo (my husband) is up and rushing around so he makes a smoothie, cacao and banana, since I haven't made those in a long time, he misses them and went ahead and made enough for us both. I drink it up. It has tons of goji berries and it's very tasty, but it wouldn´t have been my choice ; ) . Mid morning I grab a handful of pecans, yum. For lunch we put together an Eggless Egg Salad, so tons of celery smothered in the yummiest cashew-turmeric cream. One of our favorites and one that guests love to have. If that weren't decadent enough we treat ourselves to a slice of cheesecake that I made the day before.

I invest the afternoon looking for an apartment to move to, on the internet first, then I go scouting the neighborhood, but oddly, they all seem to be taken. We might have to move downtown which is a new and interesting possibility, lots of artists live in that area so it just feels exciting. I have a peach and plum as afternoon snacks. For dinner we keep it simple, some slices of ezekiel bread topped with avocados and tomato, pink salt and pepper. So simple, so good!

Green smoothie morning! We wake up to the yumminess of a pineapple / parsley / orange juice smoothie. It felt great because the pineapple was not that sweet - perfectly tangy. I snack on a peach, again. Who knew I liked them so much? Anyway it is a tidy-up-the-house morning and I do that. Lunch is a bowl of black beans, which is one of the compromises I made since releasing my 100% fixation last year, I include some legumes here and there. I do wait a couple of hours before I have some more of that cheesecake. It is a recipe my sister found somewhere and is so good that any other use for cashews is almost a shame. All cashews should be as lucky as to have such a high purpose as this dessert!

I spend the afternoon painting, I am working on one that´s kinda realistic so the detail is taking longer than I expected but I love it and I lose track of time. I eat a mango and wonder why people like durian so much. I don´t have a problem with it, but I would always choose a mango over durian. Anyone else with me? I´m thinking we could host a mango party sometime around June. People could bring white t-shirts that they were willing to get dirty. We'd have a blast!

Dinner is wild rice (soaked a lot) with a heap of chopped celery, carrots, parsley, some olive oil and some tamari. Very satisfying.

I woke up to some journaling, it is one those things I'd love to do more of. Hey Valentine's day! In México it is known as "The Day of Love and Friendship" it is also our proposal anniversary (awwww), a date we celebrate.

Breakfast is straight fruit, plums and peaches. Then we go to our Nuts and Seeds store to get some goods, dates, macadamias, almonds, pecans, and I always sneak a small bag of pinenuts. I eat some pinenuts on the way home. Eduardo plays in a guitar quartet and oddly they had a concert in a nearby town on this date, at 3pm, so we went there. The strangely dated concert went well, the organizers bought food for the guys, but two out of four are vegans so the others went home with double share. I had a  banana-vanilla-almond smoothie before we left and a couple of apples on the way back. Now time to get the celebratory dinner rolling.

Dessert first, I put together brownies with a cacao sauce on top... so valentiney! We also make a raw pizza. This pizza is a Frankenstein from three different recipe books. The crust and olive tapenade from the Cafe Gratitude book, the macadamia cheese from Mathew Kenney's Everyday Raw, and the marinara sauce from Rawvolution. I am quite proud of this mash up, it makes one great pizza! Lovely flowers decorate the table... (sigh).

Breakfast is green juice, finally. I've missed it! Lots of cucumbers, chard, apples and a small piece-o-ginger. That keeps me going for a while, but then I cave and take out the brownie from last night. Mmmmm, it is so good.

Today we go visit Eduardo´s parents. They are lovely and my mother-in-law is a great cook! She has been very gracious to our changing habits and she cooks amazing traditional North-Mexican vegan food for us. Lunch is very good, she made Mexican rice (no boullions since it's for us), a zuchinni tomato dish, a nopalitos dish, plain beans and lots of guacamole. It's tough to explain these dishes in English. They are so traditional and local. I deeply appreciate how simple but the tastey they are. A little heavy for our lighter ways, but comfort food for sure,

There is no snacking this afternoon, we go home early and do the movie and couch thing. Time to unwind. Later we have some plums for dinner and a mango shortly after that.

A great weekend that I'm honored to be sharing with you! This lifestyle has given me so much. All the weight loss, the new-found energy, the youth and the amazing community of people brave enough to take the plunge and go against the grain, following their common sense. I honor you those willing to heal themselves and others.

I do not claim this is the only way, but it is a great option for me and many. My dream is to see this community grow here too, in this city, in this country blessed with so much produce and fertile land. So I try to do my part by sharing my experience. I hope the sharing of my wellness journey might open someone else to the possibility of begining their own. Thank you Dhrumil and the WLIR team for this invitation.

Peace and health!

Linda Salas is a graphic designer, painter and bilingual blogger. She lives in Mexico with her husband Eduardo.