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Community Beat: Bunny Berry talks about RawFu - no perfect people allowed


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Today we're talking with the entertaining, the hilarious, the sometimes crazy, but totally lovable, Beth Berry, also known as Bunny Berry.

Bunny is the mastermind and curator behind the very supportive, and very popular, RawFu Community. RawFu is a place where both beginners and seasoned raw foodies go to sign up for raw food challenges

Bunny started the RawFu community back in 2008 after having just completed a 100 day raw food challenge of her own. Now the community has thousands of members participating in challenges, providing each other support and producing fantastic content.

Today we talk to Bunny about the magic that makes her community special and some of the new projects that are part of her communities evolution.


  • "No perfect people allowed"
  • "It's not just about the food"
  • "The most important thing when you start is encouragement"