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My Way: Alina Vladimirova


The We Like It Raw Community is in for a real treat. Normally we have one My Way feature a week, but this his week we have two. Consider it part of the We Like It Raw Stimulus Package of Inspiration! Together we are all turning off the news, turning off the TV, turning off the drama and turning on the inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration... today's My Way feature comes to us from a strong female entrepreneur and raw food coach who is overflowing with it - inspiration that is!

Alina Vladimirova had always considered herself a "healthy" girl, but it wasn't until she went raw, back in 2006, that she truly understood the meaning of "health". In 2007, after a year of experimenting with raw foods, Alina took a 30 Day to Raw class with Karen Knowler and discovered her calling to serve others as a health coach. Today Alina is based in Brooklyn and works with clients from all across the globe.

My Way: Alina Vladimirova

I am writing My Way at the most exciting time of my life. I just returned from Peru where I went on a month-long spiritual retreat. I came back with a new perspective on my life, my business, and how I want to be present in this world. I’ve learned to go with the flow and trust the Divine, to listen to my body and my Self, to let go of my labels, and to be “in the moment”.

I am no longer obsessed with being 100% raw; after three years of experimenting, I’ve discovered that I am much healthier and happier when I eat a high raw diet focusing on lots of greens and sprouts with occasional organic, cooked vegetables and grains during winter months and all raw during warmer months. My diet is constantly changing to accommodate my lifestyle needs, but right now this way works best for me.

One thing I decided on when I quit my job was to not use alarm clocks and just wake up whenever I wake up. Today I wake up around 7:30 am, which seems like my natural time lately. Start my day with a yoga session followed by meditation. I drink tea with honey while checking my emails.  Around 10:30 am I feel hungry and make banana-orange-frozen peaches smoothie for breakfast.  My to-do list is quite big today, which means a busy day at the office: balancing two businesses (one and two) plus an online store is no easy task.  Lunch is kale salad with avocado and cherry tomatoes. Wrap up my day around 8 pm. For dinner I make a mixed greens salad with avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, and scallions.

My day begins with yoga and meditation. Starting my year with a spiritual retreat was an amazing idea, because now I am really motivated to continue all my practices. I make a banana-orange with super blue green algae smoothie for breakfast. I spend most of my morning on the phone with several coaching prospects and my clients. I send out a newsletter to my prospects and take care of urgent e-mails.  For lunch I finish kale salad left from yesterday then sit down to write some articles for my blog. For dinner I eat a mixed greens salad and cup of vegetable soup. Max, my husband, fixes the kitchen facet and re-connects my water ionizer back on so I can drink pure, alkaline water again (it’s been two very long months without it). Oh, how I missed my ionizer! Hubby and I get comfortable on the sofa and listen to Obama’s Presidential Address to Congress. We drink some organic wine and unwind after a busy day.

I am up at 6:30 am, feeling surprisingly well rested. This morning I decide to do Svaroopa Yoga session and Ujaji pranayama.  For breakfast I make banana-orange smoothie with super blue green algae, maca, MSM, and bee pollen.  Set up a couple of calls with raw food coaching prospects, take care of the orders placed on my online store, call my clients, and send out the Radiant on Raw newsletter. Another big salad for lunch – mixed greens with avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper, some dulse, and sprouts. I’ve been really craving greens lately (maybe because I ate so little of them in Peru I am now catching up). I have a really productive brainstorm session with my web designers, and then I spend my afternoon answering e-mails, catching up on Twitter and Facebook, reading newsletters from other raw foodies and network marketers, coming up with ideas for future blog posts and listening to training calls. I make some kale salad and flax crackers for dinner and finish my day with calling in on two teleclasses - never stop learning!

Not feeling very hungry this morning I just a spinach-mango smoothie. The weather is gorgeous outside so I go out for a walk in the sun and to get some groceries - sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not chained to my desk! Around noon I drink a quart of carrot-celery-apple juice and then have a blended soup for lunch.  Dinner is mock salmon pate with flax crackers plus banana-orange-frozen raspberries smoothie for desert. I load my automatic sprouter with a new batch of seeds: radish, alfalfa, mung beans, and wheat berries and read some “Inkheart” before calling it a day.

I get up very early (had to use my Zen alarm clock this time) to begin preparations for my Raw Food for Beginners class that takes place tomorrow. Breakfast is a delicious chocolate nut mylk, which gives me a nice boost of energy. I put flax crackers, marinated mushrooms and pizza base in the dehydrator and head out to Whole Foods in the city to shop for food I will need for the class. Green salad for lunch with some tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and dulse flakes. In the afternoon I print out handouts for tomorrow, clean the apartment and catch up on work. Nori rolls for dinner, one of my favorite things to eat. I love nori sheets – sometimes I just grab one and eat it straight up: crunchy and loaded with goodness. Off to bed early so I am well rested and energized tomorrow and ready to give the best raw food class ever!

This has turned out to be one very busy week but this is My Way and I love every second of it!

Alina Vladimirova is a raw food coach based in Brooklyn, New York. She blogs at radiantonraw.typepad.com