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Amir does the Master Cleanse

File this under totally hilarious!

Jake and Amir are two best friends (sort of) who have a podcast where they talk about being BFFs. The podcast started off as an office joke but now it's a pretty big deal on the web.

Amir's character is known for eating a totally unhealthy diet. His staple food/meal (if you could call it a meal) is actually a box of chicken McNuggets from McDonalds. Amir has even been known to abstain from drinking water. Crazy kid.

If there was an exact opposite version of We Like It Raw, Amir would be me and the site would be called "We Like It Cooked". Amir would post stuff like this.

Anyway, on a recent episode of their show Amir talked about doing the Master Cleanse. I found it so funny, random, and crazy that I just had to post it here. Hopefully you enjoy too!