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Forget Swine Flu, Beware of The Fearundoomungloom Virus

From humorist and health enthusiast Pete Vincent:

Beware of an even wrose Viral Pandemic!

An even worse than Swine Flu Virus is sweeping world aided by the current state of the world. This one is being kept quiet because of the mass hysteria it would create and the fact that official sources know that the only "cure" is non drug based and free to everybody!

The Fearundoomungloom Virus, or the FuDGe virus as its been nicknamed by microbiologists trying to study it, has been circulating the planet for thousands of years quite harmlessly minding its own business. The reason it is so named because of how it begins to become pathogenic only when people have been subjected to external factors such as fear, doom and gloom. It is becoming a problem now because there is so much fear doom and glood about and the environment within people's bodies that is being created compounded by poor diets and the over use of drugs and chemicals is allowing it to thrive out and get out of control.

What it really loves is a cold, damp, acidic, deoxygenated polluted chemical rich toxic environment to live in, that has a weak immune system that is supressed by negative thoughts such as fear, hate, and depression brought about by fear mongering, doom and gloom, pollution, stress and lack of exercise and a diet that is low in nutrients, that allows it to thrive and colonize inside an unsuspecting body.

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