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My Way: Casey Lorraine Thomas


This week's My Way feature comes to us from the Land Down Under. Casey Lorraine Thomas is a Life Coach and Detox Counselor based in Perth, Australia. Casey’s mission in life is to "help her clients awaken to their highest potential and achieve true vitality and radiant health." On a personal level Casey enjoys Bikram yoga, juicing, laying on the grass and, of course, sharing.

My Way: Casey Lorraine Thomas

I love communities like GITMR that allow people from all over the world to connect -  even all the way from “little” ol’ Australia. There is such a huge community for raw and health lovers alike in the US and the UK, and while there is more and more happening in Australia, we still need to get the message out that there is support, community and that we are on the raw map! I believe we are on the brink of a huge shift in consciousness over here in Oz. So here’s a look into the Aussie way, My Way.

It's Saturday and boy, I am happy. I LOVE my job, I love the work I do, the people I work with, how creative I get to be. But I do find it incredibly easy to work round the clock so when the weekend rolls round and there are lots of social plans, I get my cue to really stop and let my hair down away from the computer. I have to make a conscious effort to get time away from technology on the weekends because so much of my work is online or writing. During the week I always take steps to get my chi flowing so the time at a desk doesn’t drain me. 

Today I jumped out of bed to get to a Bikram yoga class. A studio has recently opened in my home city of Perth, and the West Aussies are mad about it. Honestly, Bikram makes me feel amazing. My diet already does that, and all the things I do to keep my chi flowing, and Bikram really just multiplies the effect. I always feel extra light-hearted and it's the perfect antidote to a week at the computer and the perfect way to set up my weekend. I stop by my favourite organic produce market on the way home and load up with a giant box of mostly greens. I just love looking at the big piles of produce I buy. The colours always make me happy and so excited to get all that incredible goodness into me. My friends, who are truly amazing, regularly laugh (with affection) at my excitement over fresh plant food. It’s all part of the fun.

After two quarts of filtered water, I made my man and I a quart of green juice each at about 2pm. Today it was kale, zucchini, cucumber, carrot, lime and apple. I always add apples to sweeten the juice for my partner as he doesn't like it really green like me. I blogged about how the routine works for me here. Useful if you are living with someone who isn't heavily into eating clean but will take what you give them! My juice habit is the core of my diet so I make the time and effort for it everyday and reap the massive benefit.

After a bit of house cleaning I made some 'Pumpkin Pie in a bowl" from Natalia Rose's book Raw Food Life Force Energy. So delicious. I had two bowls before we headed out to a friend's leaving do. At the bar, I had iced water with fresh lime and then it was off to see another friend who was visiting for the weekend. I picked up some organic carrots and cucumber, and mashed together an avocado, lime, a tomato and some pepper for some guacamole to dip the veg in. I had some goji berries and some 74% Dagoba dark chocolate to follow. The combination of the lime water, the outdoor garden at the bar and the warm, balmy weather, I felt like I was on holiday in a tropical paradise. I love Australia and I love this lifestyle. I find it so easy to fit my dietary and lifestyle choices into my life now. It just comes easily to me although I remember when it wasn't quite so simple.

I woke up feeling refreshed Sunday, jumped on my mini-tramp for a few minutes, then walked the two minutes to the beach. It's a beautiful, hot sunny day and I am blessed to live only a two minute walk from white sandy shores and fresh sea air. My partner and I watched families and friends playing on the beach and surf life-savers strutting their stuff. Nice bit of eye candy for a Sunday morning! Back at home, I made us a giant vegetable juice each of spinach, beet greens, beets, carrot, limes and a little cucumber. Yum!  

Then we were off to wander through some markets in Fremantle, an old shipping port town near Perth and we couldn’t resist lying on the grass in the park basking up the sunshine and reading our books. At the moment I’m reading Book 2 in the Anastasia series. It’s a very enjoyable read and has so much depth and meaning – I love it! We then popped into a favourite organic café of mine for herbal tea and I had two delicious raw “Bliss Balls”. At home I spent some time on twitter and facebook and prepared myself for the working week ahead, setting my intentions, scheduling my timetable and preparing my office space (and my head space!) for a busy week ahead.

Monday I got straight into a very busy work day and put the finishing touches on my All-In-One Workbook for my brand spanking new group coaching program Awaken Your Va-Va-VOOM, which starts on 16 April (and there is still places left!).

I was so involved in my work that I didn’t even think about putting anything other than water into my body until I felt really ready and in a calm and relaxed state. I always find I get hiccups if I drink my juice when my head is swimming so I like to take a more peaceful moment and also really be hungry for it. Today I made 1.5 quarts of a simple combo of broccoli, cucumber, lime and ginger. After the juice I did a great energy meditation and felt the buzz as it charged me up.

I was on fire with my work output all afternoon and stopped around 8pm for some raw nori rolls with a carrot and avocado cream filling, plus sprouts and cucumber. I finished it off with two bananas for dessert while catching up with my man.

Tuesday was another big working day for me, but first, I had a date with my colon…yes you heard me right, we have a very close relationship. Colonics and I go together like peas in a pod. Love them! I felt particularly incredible after my colonic today and had super amounts of energy. I tried to expel some of it at home by doing some crazy dancing and bouncing moves on my mini-tramp while catching Oprah. Oh if the neighbours could see me… And yes, I’m not even a closet fan of Oprah, I’m just a straight out fan! Around 2pm I had a yummy juice of romaine, beet greens, lime, ginger and cucumber. After an afternoon of coaching calls and going over some notes for my free Teleclass (recording available here), I finished the day with some more Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl soup and a big bowl of my Simply Delicious Salad. Lick my lips delicious!

Now here I am, Tuesday night, writing the content for this feature, and I am grinning so wide. Why? Because I am completely head over heels in love with My Way.