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My Way: Mark Ament


Mark Ament has been eating high raw diet for the past 10 years. Over the past 5 years he’s taught courses on the raw vegan lifestyle and led cleansing and detox retreats in New Zealand, Bali, Europe and the U.S. Mark is the author of several books on natural health and healing as well as a free enewsletter. You can find out more about Mark and his work at healingvibes.com
My Way: Mark Ament

Earlier this week the Hindus in Bali celebrated one of their largest festivals and today I can feel the peaceful afterglow as the island seems to take a collective exhale and relaxes. I wake up early today and jump on my rebounder for about 25 minutes. I love rebounding and have been doing it regularly for 5 years. The practice has transformed my life so much so that I've written a book on the topic to get as many people as possible bouncing with me.

While bouncing today, I notice that there’s a rip starting to form on the mat of my trusty Needak rebounder. It will probably be a couple months till it’s no longer working. I do some research to find out what’s new in the rebounding world. I was really happy when I found that there is a new style rebounder that uses bungee cords instead of metal springs for suspension. Many people are saying it’s the best and most fun mini trampoline they have ever experienced. After seeing a couple vids on YouTube, I’m convinced and already start wondering who could possibly bring one from the US to Bali for me. The rebounder, by the way, is from a company called Bellicon.

After jumping, my wife Gabrielle (pictured above) and I head into Ubud to a small restaurant called Bali Buddha for some breakfast. I enjoy their “Lean, Green Superfood Smoothie,” which is based on a recipe that I taught the staff a couple years ago at one of my raw food classes – avocado, coconut water and flesh, bee pollen, maca and spinach. Yum!

Breakfast is laid back and enjoyable with Gabrielle.  Afterwards we spend an hour meditating together using the Holosync program which we’ve done now for almost 4 years.

After the meditation I’m inspired to make something for later. I create a marinade of olive oil, Braggs liquid aminos and dried Italian herbs that I toss into a bowl of broccoli and cauliflower.  Then the mix goes into the Excalibur dehydrator for about 3 hours. Also, since Gabrielle just moved into her 4th month of pregnancy I want to make sure she’s getting plenty of extra calcium. I notice we’ve got a kilo of sesame seeds, which are very high in calcium, and decide to make tahini from them by running them through our Green Star juicer a few times and then spinning them in the food processor for another 5 minutes.    When I’m finished Gabrielle and I share a juicy apple spread with the tahini.

Dinner tonight is at my friend and raw food business partner, Leah Rinaldi’s new house. Highlights are a beet salad with coconut yogurt and chocolate truffles stuffed with a basil cashew cream that reminds me of marzipan.  I love how creative Leah is how much love she puts in her dishes.

7:30 am and Gabrielle and I head into the rice fields next to our house for a long walk. The sky is particularly blue today, especially set against the horizon of coconut palms. Then it’s rebounding for me again followed by a juice of kale, cucumber, turmeric, beet and carrot.

Today is about putting the final touches on the flyer for the cleansing and detox retreat that I am hosting in Bali this July, so I grab a couple of tablespoons of bee pollen to take out to my tree house/office to make sure I'm extra sharp while working. About 3 in the afternoon I stop for a break and have a small bowl of kale salad with a creamy cashew and orange dressing. Next is a meeting with Leah about our upcoming raw food courses in Singapore and our upcoming raw food weekend retreats.

We wrap up the meeting at around 6:30.

In the mean time Gabrielle has prepared a leafy green masterpiece. Spinach, mesclun, fresh herbs, bok choy, amazing tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs all bought from our local organic produce farmers market. Dressing is a touch of olive oil with apple cider vinegar and a dash of sea salt. I follow that with a couple of dates dipped in yesterday’s tahini.  

Now it’s off to give Gabrielle (and baby) a Reiki session before bed. I like to do that a few times a week.   Gabrielle says that she always sleeps easier and better and wakes up more refreshed. Soon, according to what I’ve read, I should be able to actually feel the baby moving in the womb. I’m extra excited for that.

After the session I reflect and notice that I look forward to having a child a lot more than I could have imagined. As soon as we found out, I did a lot of research and got  Gabrielle on some great superfoods.  She takes Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Chlorella, Flax Oil and Maca in addition to the regular prenatal vitamins.  Every check with the midwife, Gabrielle has had perfect markers in her urine sample. The midwife is surprised since she doesn’t see to many mothers who are taking care of their nutrition.

Today is a break in my usual schedule as I decide to accompany Gabrielle down to the south part of Bali for some shopping. Gabrielle is a psychologist with a specialty in children’s psychology and goes to Denpasar/Kuta every week to offer sessions. Since we don’t own a car and only rent one when needed, I sometimes take advantage of the “free”ride.   

I do wake up in time to make a juice of carrots, beets and leafy greens. I follow that with a couple of handfuls of bee pollen and then prepare some things to take with us in the cooler – a leftover salad, a jar of sundried olives, tahini and some carrots.  

The day unfolds quickly. It’s just about 30 km to get to the main shopping area from our house in Ubud, but it takes about an hour and a half. If you’ve ever been to Bali and seen the traffic you’ll understand why. My main interests are hitting a couple of home improvement stores to get things that are hard to find in Ubud. We are refinishing our bedroom and bathroom as well as creating a laundry room in anticipation of the baby.

After shopping, Gabrielle and I still have time for lunch at a nice little macrobiotic place called Earth Café.’ I have a fresh squeezed lemonade and a sprouted wheat berry salad with miso dressing. With Gabrielle gone to do her sessions, I pass the afternoon reading the local newspaper and then walking along the street leisurely checking out many of the boutique shops in Seminyak.

Gabrielle and I meet again at 7:00 outside of Bali Deli, where I have just bought two Roma apples – not organic, but too beautiful to  resist. Dinner is an apple with tahini and a few olives.

The ride back to Ubud is a bit harried as many people are on the road traveling to ceremonies.

Two days from now is Nyepi, which is my favorite Balinese holiday.  On that day the entire Island stays at home for meditation and prayer. Nobody leaves their house. Even all airplanes are grounded.  Then during the night, no one uses electric lights. This is presumably to keep negative energies away from the island. Maybe it works because overall Bali is a pretty happy and positive place.

Thinking about Nyepi – this is my third – I wonder what it would feel like if the rest of the world joined Bali one day a year with such a quiet peaceful, day. Wouldn't that be amazing?

My name is Mark Ament and this is My Way.

Mark is the author of several books on natural health and healing as well as a free enewsletter. More about Mark and his work at healingvibes.com, freshstartretreat.com, rawfoodbali.com, and safecoloncleanse.com