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Springtime Superhero Seminar: David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis, April 25 & 26th


Attention East Coasters and Raw Superhero's in training:

Aimee's Livin' Magic is hosting a fantastic workshop with David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis in York, Maine on April 25th the 26th.

The focus of the workshop will be "superherbs, superfoods, chocolate and SurThrival - making a total commitment to surviving and thriving no matter what."

In addition to the lectures and presentations by David and Daniel there will be a Saturday dance party and a Sunday Chocolate frenzy.

David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis are two of the most engaging speakers out there on the topic of raw foods and superfoods. If you've never seen them speak before live this is def an event to check out.

$197 includes access to all the events and meals prepared by Chef Aimme Perrin. Full event details here.

You can book your tickets by calling 619-219-0727 or emailing Camille at superheroseminar [at] gmail [dot] com