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Miranda Before, Miranda After


Miranda Martinez an actress, producer, raw food coach, speaker, casting associate and entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. 

I first met Miranda via our WLIR twitter account and to say that I was blown away by her story would be an understatement.

Here is Miranda in her own words on her internal and external transformation:

My Story: Miranda Martinez

I've had weight issues all my life.

No matter what diet program I followed, I always seemed to lose weight and then gained it all back.  I am a Latina (born and raised in Panama) and nobody around me was even remotely close to being vegetarian, vegan, or much less raw vegan.  You know us Hispanics-- We like our rice, tortillas, meats and sugars!   I had no role models in my life who could introduce me to healthy eating until my boyfriend Noel came along. He's also Latino (from Puerto Rico), he introduced me to the vegetarian way of life, which eventually lead to raw foods.

To date I've lost 66 lbs!

My love of food had always been my issue.  I had to approach it as an addiction and only then I understood my relationship with it.  I started my raw journey with a catalyst - a 30-day fast that put me in the right direction to living on live and raw foods.  The Master Cleanse did wonders for me. I lost 66 lbs total:  I was a size 16 in July of 2007, now I’m a size 4. Not only have I kept off all the weight I lost, but I also continued to lose weight gradually until I achieved my ideal weight. I'm currently easily maintaining it with raw vegan foods and superfoods!

After searching for many years, I finally found the lifestyle that works best for me. I’ve lost weight, have reduced spider veins, have incredible constant energy and strength, feel vibrant, I’m not thinking about food constantly (a first one for me), I have no food addictions (except for maybe raw chocolate :-)), no cysts, no cravings, have no knee pain, and I no longer have high cholesterol or constipation issues. I never want to go back to the way I was before! I feel amazing and I absolutely love my new way of eating and new way of life. I never thought I could live without eating meat, much less live eating only raw foods! I love how I feel and I want to learn as much as possible so that I can share this information with people who may have the same issues as I did. I know it can be done!  I did it!


You can friend Miranda up on Twitter + Facebook and follow her journey at vivaraw.com