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My Way: Jaynel Hollis


Our last My Way feature took us to the Land Down Under, this week's feature comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jaynel Hollis is a passionate locavore, book worm, and raw foodie who loves to be in the kitchen. Three years ago, while waiting for her name to be called at the doctors office, Jaynel came across an article about a woman who's health suffered greatly do to her wheat and gluten intolerance. It was that article that sparked an investigation into her own health challenges and a series of changes that allowed a total health transformation to take place. Today Jaynel and her husband have taken their passion for food pro by opening their own healthly and wholesome snack food company.

Jaynel talks about her passion for food and life on twitter and her blog.

My Way: Jaynel Hollis

A bit about myself… About three years ago I found out I have a gluten intolerance, and since then have radically changed the way I eat. Raw foods have been a big part of my daily diet for about two years now. Most recently, my husband and I began a new adventure as entrepreneurs.  Following a passion of mine for creating yummy gluten free snack foods we call our company, The Greenwood Kitchen… since we live on Greenwood Ave.  Seems fitting right?  This is where it all began, and we’ll never forget.

I find it amazing when things just fall into place. Let me explain. I love reading My Way’s and experiencing others living their journey.  So, you can imagine my excitement when a few days ago I got an email back from Dhrumil, responding to my offer of sharing my own personal …My Way…


It’s funny; on days I’m off I still wake up early. I wonder if this happens to anyone else?

I take my time getting up, head to the kitchen and start making my favorite juice of cucumber, celery, oranges, and lime. It’s not often I get off on Friday’s, but I love when I do, because of morning yoga with Stacy. She’s a wonderful instructor…and while I’m perfecting my poses, Kyle lifts weights.

We head home to work on some business stuff and enjoy a big bowl of mango and avocado with chia seeds. Every time I eat chia seeds I think about my brother and I growing a chia pet when younger, as a joke to my balding dad. ; )

So I prepare a zucchini flax pizza topped with spinach, tomato, and onion for dinner, and then make some updates on my Etsy account before eating. We head to our local natural foods store, Martindale’s to meet up with the sales manager about our products, and lo and behold, he’s already tried our vanilla macaroons…loves them…and wants them in the store. We head home elated! 


I love lazy Saturday mornings, when it’s lightly drizzling outside. My husband surprises me with gluten free pancakes topped with mixed berries, and another favorite juice of mine: oranges and spirulina flakes. We putter around the house doing laundry and checking emails while waiting for the rain to let up.

Finally, it does, so we head to the Philadelphia Fairmont flea market to browse and enjoy the spring air.  I love tea sets.  Especially old ones with character, like the one I see today dated 1912 and made in England. It makes me wonder whose hands something like that has been in before me, and what life was like then…

We stop by a few café’s carrying our product to check up on things and drop some new macaroon flavors off, then head to Whole Foods for some produce. I cave in and buy a watermelon…so you know the first thing I do when we get home is cut into it. Were both starving, so we have huge salads made of local Boston lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, onion, avocado, cucumber and sunflower seeds. Lately my favorite dressing is a mix of olive oil, balsamic, and spicy stone ground mustard.

After dinner we unwind with some reading, business brainstorming…and plenty of laughing! 


I wake to more rain. I promise you…I don’t live in Seattle. I do my morning devotions while sipping lemon water. My muscles are sore, so I move into some yoga stretches before skin brushing and showering. Sunday’s I spend some time in the kitchen preparing for my upcoming workweek. I make a juice of kale, cucumber, zucchini, blood oranges, and limes and store it in airtight containers. Using leftover nut pulp, I make a variation of Café Gratitude’s Hazelnut pie while Kyle cracks some coconuts for me.

Its mid afternoon and we sit down to a huge smoothie of frozen papaya, honeydew, spinach, coconut water, MSM, and homegrown wheatgrass juice. Weird, I can’t eat papaya fresh, but frozen the texture doesn’t bother me as much…

We had plans for a Phillies game today, but the rain prevailed and the game was canceled. So I spend a few hours working on Cinema 16:9’s order for macaroons, then head out to rent a few movies; Slumdog Millionaire and Role Models. Dinner is a big salad of bok choy, mango, cucumber, avocado, and my big weakness: tortilla chips!

I catch up on the phone with my mom then watch a movie while sharing a piece of pie. 


I’m really not a morning person. I go flying out the door, juice in hand. I sometimes ride my bike to work, not this week…the rain, remember?

As a day job, I work at an ambulatory surgery center as a scrub nurse, and spend a good chunk of time here Monday through Friday. I typically brown bag a lunch…made ahead of time, I have a salad with apples and walnuts.

When I get home, I head to the kitchen to work on Martindale’s order, check some emails and update my Etsy shop. My husband takes the car for a delivery, while I start dinner.

I bake a spaghetti squash, and create a dressing of balsamic and orange with diced onion, spinach, garbanzo beans and carrot. Tonight is yoga again with Stacy, which I love because it reshapes my whole workweek!


I’m up and out the door on time, and my day goes rather similar to Monday until I get home. Today is Cinco de Mayo …rather fitting, since Tuesday nights I usually have Spanish class. Tonight we have sprouted corn tortillas filled with guacamole, spicy salsa, and pea shoots. The rain lets up with enough time for a walk…. so we head out hand in hand and I smile, because I wouldn’t want life to be any other way than My Way.

Entrepreneur Jaynel Hollis lives with her loving husband in Philadelphia, Pa.