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My Way: Mike Lieberman


This week's My Way feature comes to us from Brooklyn, NY. Mike Lieberman is a hip hop loving, glam rock bump'n, raw food eating, urban gardener who loves to share. Mike can regularly be found talking about the his passions on Twitter and his blog. He loves New York and he loves life... and ladies, yes, Mike is single. Holla!

My Way: Mike Lieberman


I woke up at 9am, surprisingly early for the weekend, considering that I've been getting to bed mad late and waking up early during the week. It's all good though because I have a lot going on and can't get any of it done while in bed.

I get up and do what's become my morning routine of dry brushing my skin, cleaning out my sinuses with a neti pot, brushing my teeth, pounding a mason jar of lemon water and preparing my green smoothie: lacinto kale, aloe, grapes and figs. I pour it into my six-cup mason jar and get my day going. Green smoothies are my raw staple.

There's lots of my list of to dos for the day, most of which revolved around one project that I'm working on - organic vegetable gardening across New York City at my Manhattan apartment, my Grandmother's Brooklyn backyard and my parents condo in Staten Island.

Mind you I have zero experience in gardening, so the whole thing should be interesting. Part of this project is also documenting it all in a blog, which should've been the easy part since my 9-5 job is in online marketing. I didn't have the blog idea until a few weeks after starting, so I've been busy playing catch up while moving forward with the plans.

I get organized for the day and head out the door to the Farmers Market at Union Square to get some more info on gardening. When speaking with one of the farmers, I learn that some of the vegetables should have already been planted. Um oooopps.

For lunch, I head to EarthMatters Cafe so I can continue to work. I get a stalk of celery and two pears. When I asked the cashier for a tray to bring it up to the cafe, she responds with "That's it? That's all you're going to eat?


My response, "Yes."

After a few hours at the Cafe, I head back to my apartment. Since my fridge is a bare I stopped at a local raw friendly restaurant, Caravan of Dreams, for dinner. I had the Live Nachos, which in my opinion are the best flax-chips-nacho-dish that I've ever had. I also had the Live Sprout Sandwich.

I head back to my apartment and stay up until 3am to knock the rest of the things off of my "To Do" list.


Even though I was up mad late on Saturday, I was up at 9:30 Sunday. There is too much going on for me to be in bed sleeping. I take care of my morning routine and make a swiss chard, cucumber, strawberries and fig green smoothie.

I set up my video camera and film the making of the smoothie for another web site that I'm working of easy and simple raw food recipes. There are a lot of gourmet sites, but haven't come across many that provide recipes that are sustainable on a daily basis. I am hoping to launch that one next week.

While sipping on my smoothie, I start back working on the gardening site again. Before I can blink it's 1pm and I'm still in my PJs. I give my parents a call to see what their plans are for the day and ask if they could pick me up from the ferry, so I can build some of the self-watering containers for their place.

I arrive at their place around 3:30. My plans were to build all of the self-watering containers for their place and to shoot a how to video of building one of the buckets. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is one of the challenges for me in this project since I'm not a fan of being the center of attention. I am attempting to break that by forcing myself into it.

When I finally look at the clock it's close to 6. I haven't eaten since the smoothie and strange enough I'm fine. My parents didn't have much of an organic produce selection at their apartment. I find broccoli and onion, cut them up and just pick at them while continuing to build the containers. It's funny how some days I just don't feel like eating and I feel fine.

My father takes me to catch the 9 o'clock ferry home. I wind up getting back to my apartment around 10:30. On the ferry ride home I had the idea for make apple/zucchini wraps for dinner Monday night. So I got those prepared, popped them in the dehydrator and continued to work until 2am.


Not sure what is going on with me, but I was up and ready to go at 5:45 this morning. I headed out the door to get my morning workout on of a two-mile run along the East River and a prison yard workout on the jungle gym at Tompkins Square Park.

After finishing my workout I headed back to my apartment for my green smoothie - celery, banana and soaked dates. If there is one thing that you takeaway from reading this I hope that it is you start keeping soaked dates in your fridge.

I get my lunch ready while drinking my smoothie. Lunch was romaine hearts with some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion and dill. At work I have a big glass salad bowl that I mix everything up in.

I also get the filling for the apple zucchini wraps ready by making a coconut curry sauce, chopped up some veggies and threw them in the fridge to marinate.

When I get home from work, I have the apple zucchini wraps and coconut curry vegetables waiting for me. Definitely hit the spot and easily made.

Then I got to finishing up the gardening site. About 10 minutes into working, I got a sweet craving. Very rarely do I eat past 8pm, but I caved into this craving and and had some of the leftover raw chocolate cookie chip dough in the fridge. That's the bad part about having left overs. It's not a completely bad thing, but the seeds don't combine well with the apples that were in the wraps. The rest of the night my room didn't smell the best, I had a different kind of potpourri going on. That's why I do my best to properly combine what works for me, if you know what I mean.

At around 11 I put the finishing touches on version one of the site. It's not perfect, but good enough for public consumption at this point. It will definitely be refined. I am just happy to get to bed before midnight. The smell I could do without.


The morning green smoothie of the day is dandelion, parsley and mangoes. Always hesitant on the dandelion, but it's something different. As I am taking down my smoothie, I prepare my lunch for the day. A head of green leaf lettuce and sliced onion with a pumpkin and pistachio taco dressing.  I get showered, ready and head into work.

During the morning, I "launch" version one my gardening site by tweeting about it.  I was happy and impressed by the love that I received from the Twitterverse. Much appreciation to my friends who helped to spread the word. The last few weeks have been a bit hectic playing catch-up, but I am happy with the result at this point.

After work, I pick up my weekly CSA share and head home to prepare my dinner of green leaf lettuce with onion, olives, parsley and dill in a celery, ginger and pear dressing.

No time for resting, at 12:30am the finishing touches are put on another site that people can share their raw food photos on, and I finally get to bed.


Awake way too early at 5:30am, head out the door to get in my workout, launch another site and start another day... My Way. Did you expect something less?

Mike blogs, gardens and eats raw food in Brooklyn, NY
. You can learn more about Mike here.