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My Way: Princess Superstar!


This week's My Way feature follows emcee and DJ, Princess Superstar, through her European touring adventures. Princess Superstar got her first taste of music from her parent's daily servings of 70'soul and rock in the suburbs of Philadelphia. At the age of 17 she moved to NYC and shortly thereafter recorded her first demo. Princess Superstar has recorded over six solo albums and she regularly tours both here in the US and internationally. Princess loves yoga, raw food, animals and healing music that just makes ya wanna dance!

My Way: Princess Superstar!

Sunday May 17

I am in Dusseldorf, I played a show there last night at the 3001 club. I wake up and chug a liter of water which has become a habit thanks to my raw/emotional/spiritual healing guru Amy Rachelle.

I am desperate for a green juice, usually when I tour I bring my travel blender and strainer and make myself a cucumber/ginger/apple juice in the hotel room but alas I didn’t bring it. I call up room service and get a fresh squeezed orange juice and also a double espresso (my filthy habit! I tried Matt Monarch’s challenge of replacing coffee with cacao but I just end up drinking both!!) Then I go to the sauna in the hotel.  What I love about Germany and most of Europe is that boys and girls go naked in the sauna and it ain’t a big deal. Freedom! (Except when once I did a record deal and saw the entire German staff naked in the sauna the next day. Um, Too Much Information!!)

I do a 20 minute yoga session- portable Jivamukti DVD which has saved me so many times doing grueling tours and then I pull my lettuce out of the minibar fridge. I always fly around with produce with me and it stays remarkably fresh as long as you stick it in the minibar when you land. My motto is don’t pop the champagne out of the minibar, pop da kale!

I cut up an avocado, an onion and soak some arame (arame is totally fast food! Amazing and ready in minutes), add some sundried tomatoes and make a lettuce sandwich. Yum time.

Amazingly at the Dusseldorf airport there is a juice bar! Unheard of! But they have NO greens (of course) so I make do with a ridiculous concoction of banana, carrot juice, spirulina powder and mint.

On the airplane I have them fill up my stainless steel water bottle with water. That way I don’t have to use plastic cups and can drink tons of water. Another good travel tip is don’t take their napkins. Or I mean don’t use napkins in general. That’s a tree you know. I love Julia Butterfly for influencing me to think in this way.

I eat some Elements for Life cacao nibs (I am a distributor in theory- but if you tried to order something from me I wouldn’t know how to do it- I just want the wholesale prices because I like the products!) and mix in some dried apple rings and dried figs. Then I snack on a lara bar type thing I bought at the juice bar.

On the plane everyone’s eating some plastic wrapped cheese sandwich thing and drinking diet coke or acidic juice from carton, or beer. I feel bad that everyone is so unconscious about what they put in their bodies. And, not to mention, what it does to our planet (don’t get me started on vegan issues!) But I remember- HUMILITY. I was like this only 3 short years ago so whatever.  Also I eat so much- so I have my own eating issues! So I silently bless everybody and go back to reading Here Comes the Sun, the George Harrison biography. I read that the song “Something” this most beautiful love song- which I thought was to a woman is actually his love song to his idea of God. Awesome.

8 pm Back to London. This guy Joe (Mister Bliss) on Give It To Me Raw befriended me so I asked what was going on in London. He told me about an open mic night at Inspiral -a yummy sort of raw place (it’s not entirely raw let alone vegan so I have some issues with it- at least be vegan if you are gonna be part raw restaurant right??!!) But anyway, I love their nutburger and little chocolates there and I can finally get my green juice.

Also hoping Joes’s cute in real life. Hee hee.

9 pm Well, I was running late and Joe canceled and that’s ok, I have tons to write for my album that I am recording here in London. There is nothing to eat in this house where I am staying and I have to replenish my raw supply. There is popcorn and I am craving it. I do have my Artisana Coconut Butter and ingeniously surmise that since there is oil as well as coconut meat in there and coconut oil doesn’t go rancid when heated like other oils. So I'm thinking, "Hey, I should use it to pop the corn!" Big mistake. The coconut meat quickly burns and it becomes a congealed mess of unpopped corn and brown goo. I throw it out and boil up some small potatoes my roommate has lying around and put some salt and curry powder, balsamic vinegar and tahini on them- it’s SO delicious. However I know the potatoes are turning to glue in my colon so don’t nag me about it.

Monday May 18

Wake up, drink my water and have a coffee with my homemade almond milk (almonds, stevia, maca, alcohol free vanilla extract, cinnamon.) Really desperate for green juice but it’s near impossible here. Really need to quit this horrible coffee habit but totally at a loss. I’m recording so that becomes my excuse for everything- overeating, coffee, etc. which doesn’t make any sense at all really since I want to give the best performance I can. But if you knew what I USED to do years ago whilst recording- oh boy, that’s a whole other blog!!

I have a slight potato hangover so I fix up a blend of pineapple, lime, spinach, collard greens and ginger, and add in some more Elements stuff- blue green algae, cordeceps mushroom something or other, and Revitaphi beauty blend.

I’m recording this song called “Dip into the Magnificent” which is kinda like the Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” mixed in with Special Ed, Salt n Pepa and Missy. The producer takes me to a vegan place with mostly cooked food called Food for Thought, and I have a salad with Thai Curry and rice and an oat cake dessert. Great the week I do a raw food blog I’m eating more cooked food than I ever eat! I haven’t had potatoes or rice in ages I swear! I have another double espresso with stevia. My throat is starting to hurt I think because of this coffee and cooked starches cuz I never get sick since going (mostly) raw a bit over a year ago. I need to do a major green juice fast and a colonic when I get home. I put some vitamin c powder and revitaphi in water and down it and go to sleep completely wiped out.


Tuesday May 19

No sore throat thank god because I am so Fresh and so Clean Clean except for my starch & coffee excursions. I am in the studio recording “Must.Take.Control.” which is about not being ruled by the senses, and meditation. But you might not know that because it’s an electronic hip hop frenzy! I do it in honor of Shri K Patahbi Jois who passed away last night.

It all comes out amazing, of course when you dedicate yourself to something higher this is a given. I head to a mostly raw restaurant in Shoreditch called SAF. Finally a green juice! My long lost friend!

I down it, forgoing this whole notion of “chewing” juice which I learned at Tree of Life where I did a spiritual juice fast with the almighty Gabriel Cousens.

I meet a really nice stewardess called Amanda who offered me a bite of her root vegetable tart while I was waiting, while we compared airports around the world. I can’t believe I have so much in common with a stewardess... that’s how much I fly.

I am starving (ok not literally, who came up with that expression?) so I order way too much food- a spinach salad with pomegranate seeds, a pesto raw cheese appetizer and raw tacos.

The pesto cheese is unbelievable, the consistency is hard in a way I haven’t known raw cheese to be, and it’s both sweet and pungent. The tacos lay flat and pretty tasteless but of course I am comparing them to Pure’s which in my opinion are flawless.  Then I get chocolate cake (I didn’t eat all of my food, I saved it for tomorrow’s trip to Dortmund, Germany so I will have something other than wienerschnitzel to eat) and some raw ice cream-  the best raw chocolate ice cream I have ever eaten, it tastes like a light mousse mixed with ice cream- and a sorbet which is cucumber peppercorn and surprisingly light sweet and yummy.

I never eat this much dessert- two days in a row and I feel sick. I think I gained 5 pounds on this trip. I do a visualization to send love to my body because I, like many of my women friends, “feel fat”. Ugh, when are we gonna get over this as a culture?? ENOUGH already!!

Wednesday May 20

Off to Dortmund, Germany to play a show. I have no idea where that is. I just go where they tell me. I have a shake consisting of cabbage, lettuce, pineapple, cordeceps mushroom, revitaphi. Then you know, my coffee with homemade almond milk. Can someone please help me off this evil substance? I pick up a salad with avocado, pumpkin seeds, arugala and carrots at this Japanese restaurant in Terminal 5 Heathrow called Itsu, and eat that and a bit of food from the night before from SAF.

I get to Dusseldorf again, which is an hour from Dortmund and the promoter picks me up. Turns out he is Arabic, from Jordan, and a vegetarian for 15 years, and wants to make me a vegan meal. In all my years of touring nobody has offered to prepare food for me personally- EVER, so I of course say yes. He makes a delicious hummous, falafel and tofu scramble and brings it to my room, (I won’t eat soy in the USA because it’s all genetically modified however in Europe GMO’s are illegal which is cool!).  It is prepared with love and I am completely stuffed.

A really sweet guy from my management team is traveling with me today and I invite him for tea. He is looking for some milk for his English tea and there is none so I offer to make him some fresh hemp seed milk. I whip out my travel blender and put in hemp seeds, water, vanilla extract, stevia and cinnamon. He totally loves it and I launch in to my whole raw food spiel and he seems really into it. Converting them one at a time! I’m on a mission! Although from these last few days I better take a good look at my own eating!

Because I am not used to all this cooked food I am totally wiped out and want to sleep and my set time is 1:30 am. My friends/fans who are reading this who are not members of this website and not eating raw will be like what the f is she talking about? Wiped out from vegan cooked food? But when you reach a certain level of cleanliness digressions really affect you, which goes to show you how much power and energy eating raw can give you. It’s really changed my life.

So there you go, there is my 4 days of eating. If it were next week it would probably be 100% raw so please don’t kick me out of the community!

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