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3 People You Should Meet on Facebook

About a year ago I created a group on Facebook that served a very simple purpose: introduce cool people to cool people.

As part of that groups mission I sent out a series of messages, usually once a week, that featured three members of the raw food community, the things I appreciated about them and why peeps should get to know them.

A few months after I started that group I ended up creating GI2MR, our community site. And with all the excitement of the new site I discontinued the "3 People You Should Meet" messages.

Well, two weeks ago I felt like bringing it back.

I posting an archive of the two latest "3 People You Should Meet" series here, but in the future if you want to get them you'll have to join our Facebook group. Ya dig?

3 People You Should Meet: Feature 1, Bringing it Back

Hey Everyone, Dhrumil here from We Like it Raw. 

Back when this Facebook group was first created I would send out weekly updates titled: "people you should meet" It was a cool little thing and today I'm inspired to bring it back. 

Here are 3 of my friends that are cool people who just happen to also be into raw foods. Hopefully you can get to know these people too! 

Meet Jon Bischke of San Francisco, CA 

Jon is a passionate foodie and student of personal development. During the day he's the CEO of EduFire.com, an online video learning site, and during the evening he's a passionate connector of people. I swear, this guys know everyone! 

I first met Jon at our Garam Masala raw food retreat and ever since then I've been blow away by his generous nature and his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Learn more about Jon and friend him up here: http://www.facebook.com/jonbischke/

Meet Lenette Nakauch of Chicago, IL 

Lenette is holistic health cheerleader and raw food coach. I say cheerleader because she got that swagger of enthusiasm that only someone who truly stands for something meaningful can have. She knows what she likes and she isn't afraid to tell the world! In fact she does regularly at gorawhavefun.com 

I first met Lenette while she was on vacation in NYC and I quickly realized that she is just as beautiful inside as she is outside. 

Learn more about Lenette and friend her up here: http://www.facebook.com/lenetten

Meet Pete Vincent of London, England 

Pete makes the world a better place with his humor. Need an ab workout? Forget 4 minute abs, just read Pete's jokes or watch his crazy videos. 

Pete has taken the world of health, which can often get sooooo serious, and turned it into an enjoyable satire. His RawHumour.com newsletter is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to put a smile of their face. I haven't met Pete in person yet, but I'm looking forward to the day I do. 

Learn more about Pete and friend him up here: http://www.facebook.com/pete.vincent1

3 People You Should Meet: Feature 2, The Sexy Edition

It's your boy again, Dhrumil in the house, community organizer from We Like It Raw. 

It's Friday night, I'm listening to some feel good music (Mos Def's new album) and I'm in a good mood. 

Why? Because I'm thankful. Thankful for all the amazing people I know and all the amazing friends I have. Thankful for all the peeps out there that are making the world a better place by being present and fully engaged with life. In this "People You Should Meet" feature, I'm going to highlight 3 of those folks who, like you, are making the world a better place. 

You dig? Aighty, let's do this!

Meet Vanessa Barg of New York, NY

Vanessa is one of the kindest, most supportive, most ambitious, most beautiful females that I know. A few years ago Vanessa founded Gnosis Chocolate, one of the hottest raw chocolate lines out there. 

Today she is an true example of what you get when you add purpose with hard/smart work. Vanessa is a core member of our NYC tribe, and like me, she cares deeply for community. Form Chocolate Parties to retreats... she makes things happen and brings people together. And this is why I adore her. 

Learn more about Vanessa and friend her up here: http://www.facebook.com/RawChocolateGirl

Meet Burke Bryant of Los Angeles, CA 

Burke is kind of a big deal. He's an actor, television host, award winning writer, award winning photographer, and "lover of silence". He's big into the "movement" aspect of the raw food movement, and always encourages folks to choose whole raw foods first. 

Take the presence of a Buddhist monk, looks of young heart-throb and kindness of.. of... some one who is really kind ; ) , and you got Burke. 

Burke is one of those guys that is all about community. He regularly host gatherings in LA and keeps in touch with community online. I owe him greatly for being an active member at giveittomeraw.com and always welcoming newbies. 

Learn more about Burke and friend her up here: http://www.facebook.com/burke.bryant

Meet Yafa Sakkejha of Toronto, Ontarioi 

Yafa is a holistic health educator and a master business woman. Yafa is queen when it comes to creating a space that encourages the healing, cleansing and rejuvenation process. A few years ago she founded the House of Verona, a healing retreat center dedicated to helping people feel good while they vacation. I haven't met Yafa yet but I feel like I already know her. 

From her Facebook updates to her Tweets, Yafa is always dropping that holistic health information and inspiration. Friend her up and some of that goodness can rub off on you too. 

Learn more about Yafa and friend her up here: http://www.facebook.com/yafasakkejha