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Borboleta: Gourmet Living Cuisine comes to Austin, Texas


Austin is the proud new home of the nation's newest raw food restaurant, Borboleta

Their goal is to expand the living food concept to more mainstream acceptance by providing vegan and living cuisine that tastes just like the food people love and crave.... only much better.

"Borboleta" is Portuguese for "butterfly" and the folks there aren't shy to tell you that this symbol of transformation and joy is the foundation for not only the food, but the culture of the cafe.


Chef Virginia Morgan, pictured above, has been eating a primarily living foods diet for seven years and has been in the gourmet food industry for four years. She passionate about not only organic food, but local food too. Borboleta purchases as much as local produce as possible to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the cafe.

Virginia's ultimate goal? Give back to the community. Recently she told us, “I believe in the healing power of food. I want the living food to look and taste good so that people love it and say, ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted’…I want to make people happy and healthy.”


When it comes to cuisine Borboleta is gourmet, as may raw food cafes must be to thrive. Gourmet raw food brings that "wow" factor and makes a great first impression on raw newbies.

Some of Borboleta's common entrees include Lasangna, "Tuna Melt", Nori Rolls, Falafel, and Portobello Steaks. Desserts include cheesecake, pecan pie, key lime pie and pear tarts. Prices on entrees range from $8 to $13 and desserts are $7 to $9.


Gourmet live food at a very affordable price. This makes Investor John Wegmann very happy, "I’ve felt 100% better since I began eating raw food, so I want to give Austin the opportunity to experience the benefits as well. I was blown away by the taste, and I realized that healthy food doesn’t have to taste like health food. Besides, now I don’t have to go to New York or San Diego for amazing raw food.”


The We Like It Raw squad hasn't had the opportunity to make it down to Borboleta yet, but we're looking forward to the day we do. The food looks great and so does the staff.

Borboleta is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm. Food is available for take-out. Borboleta also serves fair trade organic coffee and tea. Borboleta will be holding art openings every eight weeks on Saturday nights to support local artists. Cooking classes will also be offered monthly.

If you are in the Austin area you can find Borboleta in the Bella Salon & Spa building, just west of downtown Austin and blocks from Whole Foods (which it self is a must visit at over 80,000 square feet).

You can also learn more about Virginia and the Borboleta team at borboletagourmet.com