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[Events] From a Chocolate Party in New York to a Juice Fast in Portland

A few fantastic happenings in the raw food community.
  • New York, NY
  • Portland, Oregon,  
  • Brooklyn, NY  
  • and Temple, NH
SurThivial in the 21st Century
  • Location: New York, NY 
  • Date: Saturday June 27th, 2009
Overview: A 2 hour lecture by Daniel Vitalis on building Invincible Immunity and powerful hormonal production. After Party: After the lecture, there will be a special 4 hour Chocolate and Elixir Party by Gnosis Chocolate.
A Seven Day Juice Fast to Stop Global Warming
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Date: August 22 to August 29, 2009
Overview: Rabbi Gabriel Cousens MD takes you on a week-long fasting journey that includes: 5-hour daily schedule of juices, classes, meditation, yoga and Q&A. It will include special guest speakers as well.
Raw Food for Beginners, 1-Day Class
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Date: Saturday July 11, 2009.
Overview: My friend Alina Vladimirova is hosting a dope class that will take a person from knowing very little about the raw food diet to having tons of practical information to get started and do it right from the start. Also include: 15 easy to make recipes to make the transition easy to do and enjoyable (all that accompanied with a big colorful booklet to take home with them).
Foraging Wild Edibles at Herban Living Farm
  • Location: Temple, NH
  • Date: Sunday, June 22 and July 27, 2-6 pm
Overview: Learn to identify many of the wild edible plants that grow in this region. The day will include a slide show of common edible plants. Discussion of the psychology, ecology and spiritual aspects of foraging for food and a co-operative potluck meal and celebration of the food we've gathered that day.
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