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Interview with Lori Painter: dating, kids, spirituality and putting it all out there


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Our guest this week is success coach, blogger and mother of two, Lori Painter.

Lori is hip, not to mention gorgeous, young mother who has a passion for holistic health, raw foods and personal development. She has created a strong following on the web by earning a reputation as a blogger who is willing to put it all out there. No hiding, no walls, just authenticity and openness. Her popular Inspire 2 Act website covers topics from dating to fitness, daily inspiration to quick raw recipes, parenting and more.

In addition to running her own website, Lori is also a regular contributer to gliving.com and a featured interviewee on the Raw Mom Summit.

Topics Covered

Life Growing Up

  • Growing up in an ultra-conservative family
  • Leaving an abusive household at 17
  • Becoming a young mother and wife at the age of 19
  • Getting divorced, loosing everything and starting life over in LA

Building a New LIfe

  • Massage School as a stepping stone to a new life
  • Finding out about Raw Foods
  • Sharing her passion for health with the world via the web

Kids and Healthy Eating

  • Putting kids in charge of creating their meals
  • Keeping only healthy choices around the house

Personal Development and Spirituality

  • What started Lori's journey of personal development?
  • How do you get kids to appreciate the world of spirit at a deeper level?
  • Homeschooling and personal development

Lori's Tips

  • Lori's Daily Inspiration Routines
  • Raw Food Tips for others getting started


  • Dating as a vehicle to understand yourself better
  • Feeling good on your own first