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My Way: Jessica of Raw Food Nation


This week we've invited Jessica, of the recently launched Raw Food Nation, to be our My Way feature. In the spirit of seva (service), Jessica runs her raw food portal pretty much anonymously. In fact, when I asked her to talk about her daily routine she hesitated just a bit because her ultimate mission is "to further promote that we are not just one or two people, but a nation, we are everyone." But ultimately Jessica did agree and for that we are thankful!

What is Raw Food Nation? "We are the beginner's guide to raw foods, eating healthy, going green and lovin' life!" Sweet!

And now we bring you Jessica on behalf of Raw Food Nation:

My Way: Jessica of Raw Food Nation

Rise and shine! The rays of the sun find their way through my bedroom window and dance across the floor. I'm up! Green smoothie for breakfast and I'm ready to face the day. Meeting sisters and friends down in Annapolis, Maryland for a day of kayaking and outdoor fun. We hit the water with ease and start to paddle around. Yikes! Turning is not as easy as I thought it would be. It feels like we're in bumper cars at first but it's all in good fun. And what a workout! Back on dry land after a couple hours in the water and we walk to a local restaurant for lunch. No salad for me! Their veggie burger looks delightful and I would like to give it a try. That on top of a bed of greens hits the spot. We finish up our day by walking through the local shops of the town and doing some window shopping. I'm loving the brightly colored paintings I'm seeing in the art galleries. They are fabulous and the colors are exciting! After we part and go our separate ways, I head home and decide to veg out on some veggies (throw some delicious greens into a salad topped with carrots and a lime vinaigrette). My sofa sure looks comfortable; I thrown a DVD and get comfy, ready for a relaxing evening at home.

Ahh! My arms! Kayaking must've been quite a workout. I didn't feel a thing yesterday but today is a different story. After some stretches I managed to get up and get ready for the day. I'm excited because today is Wholefoods day! I don't go here all the time; my wallet would be on life support if I did! But they to have an extensive variety of organics and their produce section excites me. So every 3 or 4 weeks I make the trip. The earlier in the morning I go, the better.

I eat some fruit for breakfast and I am out the door. I rope in a couple other errands and then I'm ready to hit the back roads to Wholefoods. The drive is one of my favorites, I always take this winding one lane road that weaves and curves through fields, trees and other natural surroundings. Nature provides its own soundtrack so I usually don't play music. Once inside the store I roam the isles like I have the place to myself, spending extra time in the produce section to see if there is anything new to try. I treat myself to a Larabar on the way out. After a hearty salad for lunch I spend some time tending to my patio garden (these plants sure do let me know when they need water!). A couple other household projects plus lining up some articles for the website take me into my evening. Some light reading followed by meditation and my day is complete. A weekend well spent.

What?! 5:30am already? Not possible. I roll over and wait 5 more minutes (but it really feels like 5 seconds). I wake up and officially start my weekday morning routine, which involves stretching, me time, and getting ready for my 9 to 5. But not before making my green smoothie and sending positive ibes out into Twitter. At work my colleague has surprised me with a new loose leaf tea to try that he picked up while visiting friends in England. The flavor is kiwi, and it is delicious! After work I made it home in time to stroll through my neighborhood for a low impact workout before dark. Then I prepared a raw red cabbage slaw for dinner and mixed it with shredded carrots and raw almonds. After dinner I do a little research for an upcoming article (for Raw Food Nation), and I end my day chatting on the phone with a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. It's always good to catch up with people and find out where life is taking them.

What?! 5:30am already?...just kidding. This morning I am making a superfood smoothie with gogi berries and cacao nibs (along with a little romaine lettuce, and pear). The highlight of the day will be meeting up with a couple of friends for dinner that I haven't seen in a while. One is a newly wed and the other is settling into a new apartment in the city. I arrive early to Fells Point but I don't mind the wait. This gives me time to walk down the cobblestone street clsoest to the harbor, catching the breeze that rolls in with the waves and paying visits to my favorite neighborhood shops. Eventually I meet my friends at the restaurant, and we continue talking long after the food is gone and our bill is paid. I brought them each a little bamboo plant for their homes as a "just because" gift. Bamboo is a symbol of luck, and they loved it. Good conversation and a good meal shared with friends is the perfect way to end the day.

Today I awake to grey clouds and the sound of rain. I wish that the sun was shining and I always joke that I am solar powered like plants (must..complete...photosynthesis!). A green smoothie and a double shot of wheatgrass give me the boost I need to start my day. I conveniently leave my lunch at home, but that's okay because the rain has cleared and I can enjoy the fresh air while walking to the nearby market for a salad. With the sun finally coming out from behind the clouds I decide to join my colleagues outside for lunch. After the work day I am happy to be going straight home. Sometimes I am so busy that I appreciate the days when I can take it easy. Me time is spent rockin' out to my favorite tunes (in case you didn't know, I play a really good air guitar). Then I curl up on my comfo sofa and watch one of my favorite DVDs, "Stranger Than Fiction." Needless to say, I barely make it half way through before I am drifting off into a dream. I can see the weekend from here, which includes more funtimes with friends, more produce shopping at the local market, more sunshine, and more doing raw my way.