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Two Amazing Retreats by Two Amazing Female Entrepreneurs: Yafa & Vanessa

I got a special place in my heart for people who make community happen. But I got an extra special place in my heart for females who make community happen.

This post features two woman who are doing just that with two must check out retreats:


Say hello to Yafa Sakkejha, founder of the House of Verona, a retreat center just outside of Toronto, Ontario.

Yafa is a holistic health educator and a master business woman. Yafa is queen when it comes to creating a space that encourages the healing, cleansing and rejuvenation process. And this summer you'll have an opportunity to experience this gift that she has first hand.

From Friday, Sept 27th to Sunday, 29th Yafa will be hosting the Blue Mountain Raw Food Retreat in conjunction with Angus Crawford, owner of Rawlicious. The retreat will feature a 100% raw, organic, gourmet menu, waterfall hikes, raw "loot bags" and plenty of time in the hot tubs, saunas and private pools. The retreat will cap out at 25 peeps so be sure to holla at Yafa today if you are interested. Full details here.

Even if you can't make it our to her retreat, I highly recommend you follow Yafa on Twitter and Facebook so you can keep up with all the cool things she's up to.

I feel like this lovely lady needs no introduction on We Like It Raw. But being the gentleman I am I'll do it anyway!

Vanessa Barg is the founder of Gnosis Chocolate. One of the hottest raw chocolate lines out there anywhere. But chill yall, she's not just a female willy wonka (willy wonkette?) Vanessa is also deeply passioante about bringing community together. And this September 2nd to 9th she'll be doing just that at her first annual Raw Island Retreat.

Hold up, side note really quickly: Damn, is it me or are raw food retreats getting a little sexy? First Yafa with her House of Verona + saunas + private pools, and now Vanessa all up on an Island? A young raw food male that had an appreciation for the finer things in life could get use to this!

Okay back to Vanessa...

Vanessa's Raw Island Retreat is a celebration of community, health, and oneness with Nature. The retreat will be hosted on the Lake George Islands and I have a feeling you'll see a lot of our local NYC community there. In fact, rumor is that Philip McCluskey is working on getting a bunch of folk to head up to Vanessa's retreat together right after the Raw Spirit Festival East.

Same deal with Vanessa, even if you can't make it out to her retreat you need to follow her on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the bad ass things she's up to.

This is your home boy Dhrumil with another raw food community update. You can catch me on Twitter and Facebook too you know!