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My Way: Lisa Paris


Lisa Paris is a writer and raw vegan gangsta currently residing in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys long walks at the farmer's market and quality upsidedown time in yoga. Lisa is available as a freelance writer, green business consultant and nutritional counselor. You can fan up Lisa on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

My Way: Lisa Paris

I am here to let the world know that the term raw vegan and gangsta can coexist in the same sentence! My name is Lisa Paris, proprietor of rawbeets.com. Big ups to Dhrumil for giving me the opportunity to share the way of the beet. He’s so down, and I’m just a little raw vegan from around the way… My Way.


It’s 8:30 in the a.m. …  I say what up to Portland and venture off to my rebounder. My a.m. jump session consists of tons of bass, two arm weights and one me; breakin’ it down proper.  

I have a date with my juicer to follow. Generally speaking, I make a killer juice.  Today supplies have dwindled but I manage a spinach/cucumber/lime number that ain’t too shabby once I get a little Stevia up in the mix. From here I eat a cup of blueberries with fresh pumpkin pie spiced almond milk like it’s a bowl of Lucky Charms. Gangsta.

Spend the afternoon writing and I’m off to a Naked Food Collective meeting. I have joined forces with some of Portland’s finest to form this collective as we work to open a space for people to kick it with raw food and good vibes. We’re in the middle of putting together events to fund the endeavor and after a few hours of fierce party planning I am hungarian yet again. My home girl Agneiszka, whips up a tasty salad of fresh corn, cilantro and lime. Some of the best things in life are the simplest. 

Back at the ga-ga-ga-gangsta pad, I enjoy an avocado with homemade salsa and ponder what a raw chick could fill a piñata with. I then proceed to stay up ‘til three a.m. writing for Raw Beets


Having a rock star boyfriend generally entails; the expansion of your music library, free t-shirts and many a 4:00 am phone call. The latter may affect my sleep pattern but Mark is the most interesting person I know, so I always pick up. My boyfriend Mark lives in San Francisco. He had a show last night and we didn’t get to talk until after four a.m. I was still up when he called. Since Raw Beets dropped a few days ago there has been a lot going through my head. 

Despite the fact that I passed out around 5:00, I’m up at 8:30. Dude, where’s my sleep? I throw on my hood and head down to the juicer. Just when I think I am destined to a life of juicing banana peels and apple cores, there’s my Aunt, unloading a trunk full of groceries. My aunt and uncle welcomed me into their home two months ago when I migrated to Portland after eight years of LA living. They are amazing. Not only is my Aunt a gardener extraordinaire, she’s also got our recycling system on lock. I think we generate a shoebox of trash annually (ha, maybe a touch more). Beyond this, I love my aunt and uncle most because they encourage me to blast my music and are in full support of my raw vegan shenanigans

My aunt laughs at my delirious state and we joke about how, hovered over my juicer, I look like the raw grim reaper. I make an apple/spinach/lime juice and feel ten times better. The power of the green juice! 

I work all afternoon on a press release for a non-raw related business partner. Mid afternoon I whip up a blueberry/banana/date smoothie- yum! I nosh on raw carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and round off my snack session with a few dates. Oh glorious dates, you are the Bon Bon of Mother Nature.   

I clock in another hundred hours writing, and then head out to the garden to score some dinner. My Portland digs come equipped with a gorgeous garden and our tomato plants are explosive! I pick a bowl of them and two cobs of the sweetest corn in the history of corn. 

Tonight it’s wraps for dinner… I-love-wraps! My corn/avocado mixture makes the tastiest wraps ever. I take it easy the rest of the night in hopes of some sleep.


I slept eight hours, hoorah! This calls for celebration… I jump extra high on my rebounder and decide to juice everything that isn’t nailed down. I start with a massive amount of carrots. I have a few carrot pulp recipes up my sleeve so I set that aside for later. Then it’s an apple/spinach/celery/lime juice and I feel like Wonder Woman yet again.

Write, write, write and I’m ready to grub. Let me at that carrot pulp! I make a killer wrap filling out of the pulp. I dice, stir and sing to myself about how much I love wraps. Aha! I’ll do a wrap section for Raw Beets… “Gangster Wrap Recipes”- Perfect. I stuff collards with the mixture and indulge in date wrapped almonds. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s freestyle wrappin. 

Tonight’s agenda: live music at a vegan café. Beyond all the trees and conscious living, Portland holds it down with the live music. The hip-hop scene may be weak, but they’ve got the folky stuff on lock and I adore the “gypsy jazz” band that’s playing tonight. I order a glass of organic Pinot Noir and the raw fajitas, double yum. The couple beside me partakes in some serious swing dancing and they’re so into it they almost knock my table over. I love it. It’s wonderful to witness people amidst their passion, so inspiring. 


Having a raw vegan girlfriend generally entails; the expansion of your palate, free juice, and many an 8:00 a.m. phone call.  I awaken Mark to share my ecstatic-ness over my SF trip to go down in t-minus three days. Housing my man and my entire family, the San Francisco Bay Area is my home base for life. Not to mention the Gratitude. I will be posted up at the counter of Café Gratitude in the Mission through the end of August; stop by if you’d like to talk Ghetto Raw Living or split a piece of Tiramisu.

Wow, in hindsight My Way involves a lot of writing, jumping and juice… I promise I take showers, too.

Lisa Paris is a writer and raw gangsta living in Portland, Oregon. You can read more about her at rawbeets.com. You can fan up Lisa on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.