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Agave has been officially dissed

Mike Adams, Dr Mercola, Gabriel Cousens MD, and now David Wolfe. It is official. Agave has been dissed.

Read David Wolfe's article on The Agave Blues here.

The unifying message that all four of the above health educators have is:

  • Agave is not a health product
  • The problem isn't just agave, we have to be mindful of consuming any sweetener that comes in a concentrated form
  • The best options for sweeting are stevia and xylitol that is made from birch (stay away from corn based xylitol)

Additionally, Dr Mercola and Gabriel Cousens are doing some fascinating research in the area of insulin. I'll be posting more about this soon, but the idea is that insulin plays an important role in aging the body. The lower your insulin levels, they slower the aging process. How do you keep your insulin levels low? Stay away from concentrated sugars, even if they are "raw". More to come on this.