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London's East Side Raw Event: cool food, warm people, and hot music

I know most of our community members are based here in the United States, but for those chill'n in London, there is a really great event happening on May 22nd.

East Side Raw is an event hosted by my buddies Heleana Quartey and Kate Magic. Here's a little note about the event written by Heleana:

The raw food community in the UK is growing, as are other positive lifestyle choices, such as sustainable living, and conscious clubbing. As someone who loves to party, I agreed that now would be the perfect see what a raw food club night would look like - a space for people who were 'raw-curious, as well as those who have been enjoying its benefits for a while could meet and socialise and dance and meet others. As the editor of Raw Action, a news site that shares the social side of the raw food community, It's also my vision to support the growth of a huge and vibrant scene in the UK to match the raw Mecca of California.

So this party is going to be somewhere unashamedly vitality oriented - serving organic raw canapes (using salad grown in Hackney itself), booze free cocktails, workshops showcasing the thoughts and ideals of the shining stars of the raw food community in the UK and beyond, as well as selling lovely raw treats for our guests to enjoy. An environment that's all about cool food, warm people and hot music. A few emails later to raw superhero Kate Magic and East Side Raw was born.

Kate Magic will be giving a talk on Ecstatic Living, drawing from her most recent book, Ecstatic Beings. She will be discussing the main themes of the book: how holistic living brings about new states of consciousness and awareness. How by changing ourselves on a cellular level through detox and healing, we change our experience of life and thus begin to change the life experiences we attract in. Why creating these shifts on a cellular level is the single most effective way we can create the shifts we need to see on a global level. And practical advice and tips on some of the most effective methods Kate uses to align with the divine. We'll be playing breaks, tech-house and whatever other eclectic danceable stuff we can find, so leave your 4 inch heels at home!

This is going to be a brilliant new style of event for the growing number of raw fooders in the vibrant East London area. Kate is not doing any other classes in London in May, so don’t miss the opportunity to come and hear Kate speak in such a relaxed and warm environment.

The launch, on May 22nd will be the first of many - the party starts at 7pm and we're offering early bird tickets on Raw Action until 22nd April. Then tickets are £12 in advance and £15 on the night.

More details here >>