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Eating Vegetables Doesn’t Stop Cancer!?

A recently published study by The Journal of the National Cancer Institute came to some pretty interesting conclusions.

The study tracked 142,605 men and 335,873 women over the last nine years and concluded that higher vegetable consumption didn't curb cancer risk in a statistically significant manner.

Does this mean eating vegetables doesn't stop cancer?

Yes, it does... but only if we continue to eat all the junk that is the root cause of (most) cancers in the first place.

One thing that has become very clear over the last few years is that avoiding cancer has more to do with what you don't eat than what you do eat.

According to the National Cancer Institute (via PCRM), "eighty percent of cancers are due to factors that have been identified and can potentially be controlled." Factors like excess body weight and excess meat consumption just to name a few.

Low-quality dairyalcohol, red meat, excess meat, and processed sugar are just a few examples of foods that have known link to cancer.

What's the major take away?

As a society we can't keep eating crap and hope that eating a few extra servings of vegetables a day will prevent us from getting cancer.