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Joshua's Vibrant Living 21 Day Challenge

My buddy Joshua Duncan is up to something pretty dope. Josh has embarked on a 21 Day Vibrant Living Challenge that is focused on integrating live food, spirituality, exercise and creative expression.

Over the next 21 days Joshua will be documenting his journey by posting a video to his YouTube Channel that covers the following:

  1. What he did that day
  2. What he feels most present to that day
  3. The results and breakthroughs he experienced in all categories
  4. The results and breakthroughs that the group he is leading experienced

Joshua's hope in this process to create a program that others can follow and use as a guide to begin their own Vibrant Living Challenge.

Here's a video of Joshua going into detail about challenge on his Day 2 video.

If what Joshua is up to sounds interesting to you, you can hit him up on Facebook.