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Natural News Podcast: two fascinating interviews

I recently came across two fascinating interviews on the Natural News Podcast that I thought you'd enjoy:

Interview with Gov. Jesse Ventura, author of "American Conspiracies" (mp3)
Jesse Ventura is known as being a tough, principled and courageous advocate of liberty and freedom. His new book, American Conspiracies, outlines a fascinating and well-documented accounting of some of the most important conspiracies that shaped American history.

Note: The challenge I have with most conspiracy theory conversations, including a lot of the 9-11 stuff, is that they are dominated by fear. What I do appreciate about Jesse Ventura is that he isn't fear mongering and he often talks a lot about things he has had first hand experience with. That said, I don't spend more than a minute thinking about this. 99% of my focus is on making things happen, improving my life and improving the lives of others.

Interview with Daniel Vitalis of SurThrival (mp3)
Mike Adams and Daniel talk about about water, the coming water shortages, the potential for water wars and other fascinating topics.

You can listen to even more Natural News Episodes here. And, you can find more fantastic holistic living podcasts on the Shows & Podcasts section of Masala.