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Best of Masala: How to Build a Meal Sized Salad

Masala is a collection of the finest mix of holistic living blog online. Here's this week's "Best of Masala" post:

How to Build a Meal Sized Salad by Gena Hamshaw

Great post by Gena on the difference between a salad and a SALAD!!! Includes tons of lovely pics from various types of salads that's Gena enjoys.

One of the most common complaints I get from clients is that they’re eating big salads at lunchtime, but that these salads never keep them full. “I’m starving by 3 p.m.!” they exclaim. When a client tells me such a thing, a familiar dialog always begins:

Me: “So. What’s in your lunchtime salad?”

Client: “Wellll. Some romaine, or baby greens, with some shredded carrots or cucumber or tomato, and half an avocado.”

That’s lunch?

No wonder my client is starving to death by 3!

So the idea behind today’s post is this: how can we put together lunchtime (or dinnertime) salads that are light and digestive, but offer us adequate–nay, optimal–nutrition?

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