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Weekday Raw

From my buddy Vinit:

Here is a TED talk by founder of treehugger.com Graham Hill about how he wasn't just ready to give up meat "forever", even though he KNEW all the benefits of being a vegetarian. He came up with the phrase Weekday Vegetarian and has been practicing it for the last year and feels great.

So I thought, why not Weekday Raw, Weekday Vegan, Weekday Jain? Ya heard?

I love that. And what a dope title for a possible book... "Weekday Raw". I can imagine it including amazingly simple raw dishes and the healthiest simple cooked dishes too.

I have a lot of friends that currently practice "raw till dinner" which seems to work for them very well. These are people that would have otherwise totally given up on eating a high amount of raw foods in their diet if it wasn't for this adjustment.

The bottom line is that the old labels don't work, so do what makes you happy. Most people that I meet that have been eating raw foods more than three years do incorporate things like quinoa and warm soups into their diet. That includes me too.