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My Way: Emily Shaules


Emily is a motivational speaker, raw food coach, author, and business developer. Three years ago Emily discovered raw food, which led her to overcoming sinusitis, TMJ, colitis, and fibromyalgia. She had a raw breakthrough, and discovered her life would never be the same.  

In 2009 Emily decided to move to Asheville, not only to check out the amazing raw scene and cool people that live there, but also to find a community to invest in. Needless to say she started making moves right away. Emily first started hosting parties and events in her house, which led to teaming up with her roommate and business partner Ashley. Within a few months they already started laying down the groundwork for Asheville's first raw vegan restaurant, organic nightclub and wellness center. Stay tuned for their grand opening later on this year, you'll catch the WLIR Tribe there for sure!

My Way: Emily

Saturday - I started my day like I always do, with 30 ounces of Kangen 9.5 alkaline water right when I wake up. This water is incredible, and it has really taken my health to the next level.  Before leaving for my day, I relished my daily dropper of Deer Antler Velver. I bought my first bottle of this pink liquid magic at the recent David Wolfe retreat I attended in Boone, NC. This stuff really lights my fire for the day! 

I packed my cooler bag with my green juice and Superfood smoothie and drove 45 minutes to Burnsville, NC where I channeled my inner model for three hours in a CVS Pharmacy promoting Maybelline’s newest mascara, Falsies. It was really fun, and I met some very cool people. My smoothie filled me up beforehand with mango, dandelion greens, nettles, sprouts, avocado, a touch of honey, mushroom extract, blue green algae, Earth powder, MSM and a scoop of my personal Superfood mix made up of a tons of stuff like Revitaphi, maca, and cordyceps… MMMMMMMMM! During the promotion, I sneaked a couple droppers of Marine Phytoplankton to keep me going and afterward, my kale, lemon and apple juice really hit the spot, and cooled me down.

Saturday night I was off to a raw potluck at my friends Jeffrey and Erin’s place. I made some incredible sugar-free “peanut butter” cookies (check out my blog for the recipe) that were a huge hit and super easy to make. We watched a really cool DVD from Mastery Systems about Conscious Language, while I sat on my new Earthings Grounding Pad (my absolute favorite purchase from the Wolfe weekend). Great food, incredible information and awesome people- what could be better?

Sunday - I love Sundays and this one was no exception! Every Sunday you can find me at the Center for Spiritual Living for their weekly celebration- this week I got to play the Heart chakra crystal bowl to begin the service (they have seven bowls corresponding to all the chakras surrounding the room and it definitely sets the mood). We celebrated the birthday of the Center’s administrator afterwards so I brought my standard Superfood smoothie which includes grapefruit, spinach, mint leaves, sprouts, walnuts, Living Tree Community’s chia seed butter (check out their new product model, she’s rawkin’), Stevia, and xylitol. I also brought some seaweed salad but never got around to eating it since my good friend and budding raw foodie brought me some cookies and breadsticks he had made in his dehydrator, thanks Terry!

Later I met a new friend for tea and some great conversation (we’re both Abraham junkies). And since I was still in a sweet tooth kinda mood, I stopped by Greenlife grocery store (one of the reasons I moved to Asheville!) and enjoyed a slice of raw sweet potato pie on the outdoor patio.

Monday - I went to my favorite exercise class to start Monday off… Zumba. If you like to dance and haven’t checked it out yet, go for it!  Zumba is loads of fun, burns a ton of calories, and reminds me how much I love to dance. It's one of the main reasons ZeBloom will have a movement center, just so I can have dance classes in-house.

I had a wonderful consultation with a new coaching client in the afternoon (I offer free half-hour consultations before working with a new client) and an amazing session with one of my regulars later on.  Coaching is the best way I’ve found so far to give back all of the incredible knowledge I’ve amassed so far, and it gives me a pick-me-up as well. Talk about a win-win!  Monday night I was back at the Center for a class on Self-Expression, (i.e., how we discover and share our unique gifts with the world). It really helped solidify why I am opening my business.

Oh, what I ate: of course, another Superfood smoothie, cut veggies during class, and a raw pizza and slice of (gasp!) vegan cheesecake for dinner.  Like my good friend Kevin Gianni says, I am 100% raw, 95% of the time.  I never want to put pressure on myself to be perfect... been there, done that.

Tuesday - Started today with a yummy green juice made from celery, cucumber, spinach and parsley.  My best friend/housemate/business partner, chef extraordinaire Ashley Burnell, made me a divine cacao smoothie for lunch which fueled me to do some major work on the business.  Actually, the work was getting my personal finances in order, but since I now see everything as connected, I know that getting my financial house in order will bring the financing for our place that much faster.

Listened to a great talk on Dream U about intention and integrity and relished my daily Superfood smoothie that I must admit, tasted especially awesome.  For dinner I made a kitchen-sink salad with the veggies that had fallen to the bottom of the salad bowl from Saturday’s potluck, sauerkraut (another daily staple- how I love me some probiotics!), dulse, kelp flakes and walnut dressing.  Off to tea at a friend’s house - can’t wait to see what adventures the Universe has in store for me tomorrow!

My name's Emily and this is My Way.

Emily currently lives in Asheville, NC, and is a raw food lovin, boogie down dancing, and future raw restaurateur and nightclub owner. Damn... do your thang girl!