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My Way: "Rawdawg" Rory

Rawdawg Rory is a raw chef, health advocate and certifiable raw food nut! Three years ago Rory started his raw food journey and since then he's experienced an awesome transformation. He's shed 90lbs, conquered chronic sinusitis and gained tons of energy. Rory's mission, which combines two of his lifelong passions, food and sustainable/healthy living, is to spread the techniques, philosophy, and goofiness that made his experience of gettin’ raw easy and fun! In his e-book, Gettin’ Raw with Rawdawg Rory, Rory has put together an easy guide to transitioning to raw eats and over 100 delicious and easy to make recipes. Rory has done presentations at Raw Spirit Festivals, Organic Farming Conferences and Connecticut’s hottest raw eatery, Catch a Healthy Habit Café. Currently Rory is traveling across America with his lovely wife Amanda, their daughter Isabel, and their new dog Shadow.

My Way: Rawdawg Rory


Woke up and enjoyed some bananas with almond butter and a cacao smoothie prepared the night before in our hotel room (a welcome reprieve during our trek across the US). My diet is switched up a bit from the norm since we are living out of our van and the occasional hotel room because Amanda (my awesome wife) is trekking from Seattle, WA to Hampton, PA!  It’s a crazy and bumpy trip, but I’m psyched up to be supporting Amanda on this journey. Both of us, along with our daughter, Isabel, and recently rescued dog, Shadow, are seeing the country, and seeing it in a way we never imagined! 

I get online to check out the responses to my latest Geeked Fu video, where I offered for people to shoot me whatever questions they wanted to, and Amanda and I film a video to answer some good ones about my raw transition and transformation. I had a blast filming it, especially since Q & A is my favorite part of doing presentations. A good question brings out stuff I didn’t even realize I knew, so it’s a great learning experience for me! Later I get my blending-on and cook up some gluten free vegan eats for Isabel. Dinner for me was green smoothie, raw tacos (the filling made with soaked sunflower seeds, avocado, tomato, cilantro and spices) and chia pudding. We spent some family time goofing off, bouncing on the hotel beds (it’s fun as heck even though I bumped my head on the ceiling a few times). Shadow tried on my favorite hat and we all watched some semi-educational TV. I mean watching people construct a world record Rice Krispie Treat is some what educational… right?


I packed the kitchen gear into the van and pondered what the other hotel guests thought about all the blender noise. It’s an interesting lifestyle change for me, being someone who’s used to chillin’ around the house, whipping up experiments in the kitchen and having roots… it’s oddly liberating to be living on the road! Unfortunately torrential rains scratch trekking off today’s to-do list so we make the best of the newly freed time. We drive to a bookstore with Wi-Fi access and do some online work, catch up with friends and all our peeps following the Trek, and do some reading (something I’ve been enjoying a lot lately without a kitchen beggin’ me to create some new concoction!). While Amanda researched fun stops along our route and Isabel got lost in Fablehaven, I found my food nerd self absorbed in The New Healing Herbs by Micheal Castleman. Experimenting with natural medicines is an interest I had since way back in my pre-raw days so I love soaking up info on the subject! I pick up a bottle of kombucha from a nearby Whole Foods and we drive to a place to crash for the night.


We hit up a hotel for the evening and I’m psyched up to crank out some green smoothie goodness in the Vitamix! While we recently picked up a portable rechargeable blender for the Trek, it doesn’t make the smoothest of smoothies (just check out the video of its test run!). After making a produce run, I throw us together some drinkable greenage and an amazing salad! A friend recently sent us a wonderful raw treats care package that included a jar of Living Tree Community’s Sundried Tomato and Almond Pesto. I diced some cukes, tomatoes and avos and tossed them with the pesto and a lil’ sea salt. After they marinated a bit I piled them atop a mix of salad greens. The result? A salad that Amanda and I brawled over!



We treated both Isabel and Shadow to a fun afternoon at one of the many dog parks in the Washington area. Discovering dog parks was a new phenomenon for us being from CT and PA. We pondered how many non-pet owners were there (even if we didn’t have Shadow we probably would be!). Dog parks are the coolest thing ever, if you think people watching is fun, you haven’t seen a thing! Playful attacks, racing around like maniacs, and acts that would land humans with misdemeanor fines, it’s all good at the dog park. After Shadow was worn out, Isabel headed over to the playground. As she played on the swings Amanda and I took our shoes off, got grounded on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine (who says obtaining awesome health has to be costly?). Back at the hotel, I whipped us up some mint cacao chip ice cream in the Vitamix. We all love this concoction I make using a lil’ almond butter, coconut oil, honey, sea salt, vanilla bean powder, Lydia’s Organics Green Power, cacao nibs and ice. Awesome to have a mineral loaded dessert!


The Live My Life NOW Trek has been inspiring so many people!  Amanda’s constantly hearing from people who have gone ahead and done things they’d been putting off for years. Today… I’m one of the inspired!  Along with traveling abroad, building a straw-bale home, and growing most of my own food, I’ve always wanted to Bungee jump, and it just turns out that one of the best bungee spots ever is right here in Washington! So we headed to Amboy and hung out on the bridge while we waited for my turn to jump. Shadow watched (with head tilted off to one side with a “wtf” look on her face) as the other jumpers went plummeting off the bridge and bounced around before being reeled back. Everyone was cracking up as we considered what she must think of all this! I got geared up and climbed over the railing and onto the platform. As I looked down to the river below I got ready to leap. Now I’d like to give you the macho bravado crap, but seriously it was freakin’ scary, in a fun way! Isabel exclaimed, “It sounds like a horror movie!” as I sailed down at around 70 miles an hour. It was one of the neatest experiences of my life, and if it’s on your bucket list, don’t put it off! After I did two jumps we headed off to a nearby waterfall and spent the day soaking in the sun, exploring, watching newts and tadpoles, and laughing as Isabel and Shadow goofed off in the water. Lovely day! 


y name is Rory and this is My Way!

Rawdawg Rory continues to share his recipes, transitioning tips, and skewed sense of humor in his videos and posts on his website and his Facebook page, and is currently hosting a 100 day long GeekedFu challenge at RawFu.com to get people “Geeked Up” about raw living.  If you’re en route of the Live My Life NOW Trek you just might run into him!