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[Deal of the Week] SweetlyRaw Dessert eBooks - 50% off

Remember the Deal of the Week? It's back! And we're kicking off our re-launch by featuring an amazing set of Dessert eBooks by our good friend Heather Pace.

SweetlyRaw Dessert eBooks - 50% off

This trio of dessert books includes the Just Desserts eBook, The Moonie Pie Recipe eBook, and The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake eBook. 

With the amount of free raw food recipes online, why would someone want to pay for these dessert recipes? The answer is simple, these recipes are da bomb! Chef Heather Pace has a very specific way of creating recipes. She starts off with an idea, but then tweaks and re-tweaks the recipe until it is perfect and 100% replicable by readers.

Just a note, We Like It Raw (which includes Dhrumil and Philip) does not collect any commissions from this deal. We are simply highlighting it because we feel it is a fantastic bargain.  Note: This special ends 7/16/10.

Retail Price: $29.91
We Like It Raw Reader Price: $14.95 (50% off)

* This special is now over.


Just Desserts eBook 

This book has something for everyone; from simple and basic treats that can be whipped up in no time to more elaborate desserts (47 in total) that are sure to impress both you and your guests. If you're new to raw foods or have been feeling too intimidated to tackle raw desserts, not a problem! I will walk you step by step through the process, and give you helpful and ingenious tips so that you, too, can create beautifully decadent raw desserts with minimal fuss. Whether you're looking for nutritious snacks to take along to work, visually stunning raw desserts for entertaining, or recipe ideas to satisfy your sweet cravings in the healthiest possible way, "Just Desserts" has it all... and more!


The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake eBook

The hot summer months are here, what better time to start whipping up raw vegan ice cream desserts. I invite you to get creative in this ebook... re-create and indulge in raw, dairy-free versions of your favorite frosty treats! You'll find easy to follow, detailed instructions on how to make amazing frozen raw desserts: ice cream cakes, ice cream sundaes, and ice cream sandwiches. The mouth watering photos are sure to inspire you to jump into your kitchen and get started right away!


The Moonie Pie Recipes eBook

Who can resist delicious chocolate? If you haven't yet heard of a moonie pie... imagine a thick layer of silky vanilla bean cream sandwiched between two layers of dense cacao nut cake, the whole thing enrobed in hard dark chocolate. It sounds sinful, but this treat is healthy, raw, vegan, dairy-free, and refined sugar free! In this ebook, learn how to make three amazing moonie pies in vanilla, mint, and banana flavors. Use these recipes as a base to create all kinds of other moonie flavors - the sky is the limit!

Check out Heather's last recipe post for WLIR: Italian Chocolate Almond Zuccotto


From a small town in Northern Ontario, Heather has had a long time interest in natural food and health. Turning vegetarian at the age of 14, she started cooking for herself and quickly discovered a new love which led her to the completion of a classical chef training program.

Currently Heather works as a personal chef, Kripalu yoga instructor, and temptress of some of the finest raw desserts around.  She also added author to the list as she launched 3 raw dessert recipe books, which can be found on her website SweetlyRaw.com.

You can friend up Heather on Facebook or follower her on Twitter.