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My Way: Erin Sojourner Agostinelli


Erin Sojourner Agostinelli is a Quantum Physics loving, High-Raw Superfood guzzling, Bio-dynamic Organic Wild Foods eating, Alchemical Elixir Spring Water harvesting Mama! She is a Language of Mastery Instructor, Bio-Optic Holographer, Body Electronics Facilitator, and steward to our Earth through wild plants and her gardens.

My Way: Erin 

Thursday - My Way for me is really all about My Family.  We’ve just enjoyed our first “event” since Violetta Grace was born. She is around two months young now. Until this last weekend we’ve stayed close to home, cultivating our family bond, which started with our “free birth” in our quiet mountain farmhouse. Earlier this year, we had traded a local midwife a Bio-optic Holography session for the rental of her Aqua Doula birthing tub. It was put to good use on April 26th. While we filled the tub, my emotional “container” was filled with gratitude. I gazed into our garden. Wild violets of all shades were blooming. I was overflowing with celebratory tears imagining the elemental kingdom honoring her birth with their Beauty! My husband, Jeffrey, and I used the water as a conduit for our easy birth. We experienced five intimate hours facilitating Violetta’s journey into our world with our laughter, deep breathing, and a huge mason jar of Chocolate Bliss!

After eight weeks of our full-on, committed, massive “mommy-daddy” time in arms with our daughter, I began wondering when we would re-immerse ourselves in our community. Signs said it was time to integrate our outer and inner worlds. I contacted our friend, David Wolfe, to see how we could support his upcoming event in Boone, NC. I am glad we did! Violetta grinned at every person. She enjoyed the lectures, edible weed walks, swimming hikes, and even calmly had a live blood cell session with Dr. Stuart. My personal highlight was witnessing her lip-smacking drool running down her chin as she enjoyed her first sips of spring water from “Shaman Rawb” and Debbie’s springhouse. We have “gracefully” re-entered our Tribe’s scene!


Now we are driving back home. Violetta is peacefully snoozing on a grounding pad in her car seat. “Uncle Avocado” helped hook up a special attachment to the negative charge of our car’s metal frame and it works like a charm! I am thinking she’s probably the first baby in America to be enjoying this technology in her car seat! Like our friend Emily Shaules said, “I bow to her! She is quite a soul to have created her world! She picked her parents well!” Yes, she was born already tapped in.

This brings me to an important subject, Conscious Parenting and the “code” of Nutrition. The first hour of our Sojourn home was an open platform of communication with our amazing ten year old son, Jade. Jade has two families with pretty different lifestyles. He has recently expressed his challenge traveling between each home, and we are exploring how we support him. As a lead in, Jade is what I call a super boy! He loves salads, guzzles marine phytoplankton, and I see his teeth green with chlorella daily! In spring of 2008, he committed to a 30 day raw challenge and amazed me. He continued with his own raw/vegan choices after the 30 days. His attitude was all about his love of the foods he craved, never an “I can’t have that.” I saw him happily turn down candy from other kids, and when attending traditional “pizza & cake” birthday parties he would ask me to pack him some superfood yummies. It was apparent; Jade simply knew what he liked and what foods made him feel awesome.

This weekend, however, Jeffrey and I noticed circles under his eyes, uncommon moodiness, and scattered energy. After some conversation, we realized he’s detoxing from his last two weeks of eating a vegetarian standard American diet laced with sodas, etc. Wow, I felt overwhelmed. How do I raise my growing son in this common day and age, where our lifestyle of understanding nutrition is the minority? I came to my next level and really had to let go any ideas of “right or wrong” in lifestyle choices, and see them as experiences paving his way for his own understanding of what feeds him. I figured this out by reflecting on my own childhood. On a linear level of “right/wrong”, I would NOT choose many aspects of my childhood… and my experiences, which were my own signature to handle, became the compost for my current blooms. I believe my job as a pa-rent (look at the word closely!) is to guide and offer ways to empower personal self cultivation of my children's Divine Blueprint. From my new perspective, I breathe deep and honor his intelligence by sharing my experiences, feelings, and choices as a light or inspiration to find his own. 

As we cruised past moist, dark green forests, Jeffrey and I share our lifestyle choices and how they relate and co-create the outcomes we desire. We translated codes, from the scientific view of habits and cravings, to exploring our spiritual connection with Life. We all spoke from our Hearts and morphed into an exercise in Imagination Activation. I asked Jade, “Imagine your life is exactly the way you desire it to be, what do you see?” As he answered, we inquired and mined “the gold” of all his 16 senses. Sound. Feeling. Sight. Taste. Smell. Once he embodied his imagination through specificity, I said, “Cool! Now what is new and different for you?” What Jade rattled off is his Heaven on Earth expressed. As the author Neville says, “Imagine from the wish fulfilled.” See the end from the beginning. And it is good, very good.


Friday - Into the rabbit hole. Today we dropped Jade off with his dad’s wife for some summer, sibling fun. Jeffrey, Violetta, and I are flying to Austin, Texas to support and attend a five day advanced class with our friend, Robert Tennyson Stevens (Bob). This class is called Master Instructor/Facilitator Refinement (MIFR). We have taken and staffed pretty much every class Bob’s company, Mastery Systems, offers.

Now we’ve landed in Austin and our Texas community is excited to meet our daughter. David Beilharz picks us up from the airport, and takes us to New Earth Center, the location of our event. We arrive on the last day of a class we love called, Language of Mastery Instructor Training and Outcome Facilitator Training. All of the graduates are currently in “Outcome Facilitation” sessions with folks from their Austin Community. The vibe is pristine. We enjoy hugs from our dear friends co-running the center, Arttemis and Krystalle, and are guided to the kitchen for nourishment. Blessed be! Mounds of living foods and frankincense raw chocolates!

Next, David takes us for a tour of his center’s grounds in transformation. I am awed by the beauty they are creating. Visually stunning glass water vortexes abound! There is one over a lily pond, and all the blooms are leaning in towards the spiraling water. We pass a building being built for colon hydrotherapy. Next up, on the right, is a geometric wonder of copper circling an outdoor spa. In the center, like a tear drop, is another glass vortex re-circulating water for folks to enjoy relaxing in. Our cabin is just a little further down a path speckled with Texan wildflowers. We unpack, and thus commence our five days of Cosmic Instruction.

 I am grouping my Austin days together as one, since it was quantum extreme! One thing I do choose to add is my gratitude to Yemiah and David Favor. Whenever we are in Austin, we are graced by the glorious invitation to enjoy an immaculate meal with their family. Yemiah is definitely working with a food Deva. A whole group of us journeyed to their home to dine. We laughed, shared, and played on the yoga swing.

At the close of our five days of being nourished by mostly raw meals and receiving life giving downloads in class, we travel with Bob back to Asheville. The next 19+ hours of our adventure is a fantastic blur of passing around the marine phytoplankton, Immortal Velvet Deer Antler, and Reishi extract.


Saturday - We are home again. Our garden has been loved by gentle rains while we were travelling, and everything is so big (including our potted avocado tree). Fire flies are twinkling in the trees and we are outside, barefoot, munching on an array of goodies, including cucumbers, nasturtium flowers and leaves, sugar snaps, snow peas, yellow squash, basil, tot soi, lettuces, etc! Bravo to the cascade of all the heirloom varieties and their colors. Our lemon cucumbers and purple podded pole beans are flowering heavily. We guzzle some local spring water to re-connect with the intelligence of our land, and go to bed.

We wake up early in the morning and prepare for our ON PURPOSE day. We drink a super charged elixir, pack a lunch of ‘just picked’ herb/salad greens, hop in our car and drive 1 ½ hours to Bob’s Bio-Optic office. This morning, I am the Webex queen! I upload eye photos for Jeffrey to facilitate a remote Bio Optic Holography session with a Swedish woman we’ve connected with in Austin. Her session is 50 minutes recorded through special equipment, and then followed by a 20 minute nutritional upgrade as it relates to her eyes and consciousness. Assisting my partner and nursing our daughter was a wild and empowering ride. When complete, Jeffrey stepped from the session room beaming victory, and we high fived! I look at the clock. It’s close to 2pm. We’re feeling energetically high from our session, so we choose to skip our salad and enjoy the liquid nutrition of a cacao beverage in our cooler on the return drive.

We run one of Asheville’s Raw Food groups on Meetup.com, and tonight is our scheduled potluck and a viewing of the first disc of the DVD set, Living the Path of Conscious Language. We are building our local community. This is the main reason we re-negotiated going on tour to Montana. Over the years I/we have helped build communities across the US, and now we are investing our love, light, and talents in our vision that supports our thriving community here! “Asheville’s Raw & Living Foods Conscious Community” is now 225 members strong, and around 20 have RSVP’d. Yay!

Everyone brought so much food, I ended up leaving the salad I picked in the frig. So we contributed two elixirs as a prequel to our feast. We prepared a stout nettle and yerba mate infusion to make a sprouted brazil nut mylk. This creamy herbal base became the delivery system for all sorts of alchemical treats like maca, cacao, shilajit, etc. Flavor and super nutrition dialed in! Add our second offering of Chocolate Bliss spiked with Rainforest Rush, and all our guests were beaming. We munched and conversed. Meanwhile, Debbie (our new friend who hosted the Wolfe/Boone event) caught word of our gathering, and began the 2+ hour journey to our home. Her rural trek turned into a 4 hour adventure of road finding. The headlights of her Yukon pulled in as our visiting folks were heading out. With a 5 gallon jug of freshly harvested spring water in her son’s arms, round two of our eve began! We devoured Jeffrey’s superfood chocolates infused with Reishi and delicious maca-coconut balls made by Deb’s husband, Rawb. Midnight was the last number I read on my kitchen clock.


Sunday - Jeffrey and I tip toe through our home while our guests slumber. We make tea and swirl in local raw honey, coconut lucuma crème made by the Keszainns, and maca. Soon Deb and her son, Dakota, are awake. We pour glasses of Chocolate Bliss and guzzle sake size cups of David Favor’s Pristine Bee Pollen. I check my email. Mr. Wolfe has sent the ‘Boone Crew’ a video link for what he coins ‘The Best News Ever.’ It’s a Fox 8 News clip about Bigfoot sighted in North Carolina! I click the link and we all huddle around my laptop snorting with laughter!. The mountain man who sighted the Sasquatch said, “He was coming ‘round my dog pen,” he pokes a long white pipe towards the woods and continues saying, “I told ‘em to ‘GIT!!!”

Deb and Dakota are heading to the airport. Jeffrey and I sit at our kitchen table. With all of our recent momentum, we’re gearing up for our next travels to Rochester, NY. It’s time we introduce Violetta to her large Italian family. Since we’ll be up north, we’ve received invitations to present in Boston and Connecticut. Violetta squeals with confirmation. I look at our suitcase, still open on the floor. Do we even unpack?

My name's Erin and this is My Way.

Erin currently lives in the mountains of western NC where her and her husband Jeffrey run Asheville's Raw & Living Foods Conscious Community.   You can find her on Facebook or through their budding website MyConsciousnessNow.