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My Way: Mila Ilina


Mila Ilina adores all things raw, green and wild. She is a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, and teaches the art of raw cuisine for healthy radiant living. Visit her blog at Raw-Radiance.com and check out her amazing weight loss and total health transformation.

My Way: Mila

Friday - I woke up with greens on my mind, of all things, wondering if there’s any kale left in the fridge. Yep, looks like I’m low on my greens. Feeling adventurous, I decide to step out for some fresh wild edibles for my morning green smoothie. Luckily there’s a trail right outside my home, a nice change of scenery if you’ve lived in the city. I grab a glass jar and head outside to explore.

After my green juice I make an amazing wild dandelion, blackberry, banana, and chia seed smoothie… a perfect start to the day, if I do say so! My wild curiosity recently led me to discover wild edibles after picking up a copy of Free Food & Medicine, a documentary loaded with info on everything wild, green and edible! I’m all about getting my greens straight from the earth, so I’m dying to learn more.

I catch up on emails and put in a few hours of work, or play as I call it.  So many fun projects, so little time… my thoughts begin drifting. That’s my cue… it’s time for a lunch break! Keeping things simple, I enjoy my recent favorite – raw Kimchi and avocado slices with a pinch salt and cayenne. Oh man, it’s so good!  Okay, back to my laptop.

Evenings are a bit more flexible around here, so I make a delicious veggie lentil stew and a salad with blueberry vinaigrette. Feeling like I could use a good laugh, my love Hugh and I head out to catch Get Him to the Greek. Can I just say, Puff Daddy cracks me up… forget Russell Brand! I sneak into the kitchen for a slice of smoked salmon before hitting the sac… now I know what you’re thinking – what, she’s not a perfect raw foodist? Lol.

Saturday - Made my morning green juice and smoothie, and off to the farmer’s market. I load up on some fresh local goodness and tons of leafy greens to get me through the weekend. We go through greens like no one’s business around here, seriously!

Off to a BBQ Hugh recently got invited to by a colleague. I nibble on a few things I probably shouldn’t have, but it’s all good – nothing to stress over. As long as I avoid the lethal fumes from the grill, I’m happy!

At a local coffee shop, I mess around on Facebook and then it’s back to my projects. I’m gearing up to launch a few YouTube videos on living Wild & Green (stay tuned), so I take a little time to play with video editing software… so fun! Alright, it’s time to hit the gym and get my beautifying cardio on. I whip up another green juice post workout, flooding my body with nutrients… feels amazing!

Next up, we’re off to get some din din at Leaf, best vegetarian/vegan/raw friendly restaurant in town. I enjoy an Asian seaweed salad and raw Pad Thai… yum! Back home, I set aside almonds to soak for tomorrow and call it a night.


Sunday - I woke up dreaming of greens again… I am seriously starting to think I’m an addict. So I sneak out for a few more wild edibles. I gotta say, there’s nothing like a wild green smoothie. Talk about some serious superfoods!  These weeds have been rockin’ my smoothies like no other.

I make a huge batch of almond mylk and I’m on my way to yoga, ready to get my prana and flow on! I get back and it’s straight to playin’ in the kitchen. I make a refreshing raw tomato-basil bisque and a batch of quinoa. And I’m back on my laptop again, reading up on wild thistle and nettles, fueling my curiosity. Dinner tonight is a favorite, Spring Rolls w/Sweet & Spicy Mango Sauce and a super easy Berrylicious Sorbet (both from my SpaFusion Recipe ebook & Weight-Loss Guide).  So good, I have another round!

I stay up late plugging away at projects all night, lights finally out at dawn… just another day in the life.

Monday - Ah, fresh start to the week, no time to sleep in. I start the day off with a green juice and smoothie again, adding an extra spoonful of chia for a super dose of omegas and protein. I make a run to the post office, thrilled to see my Amazon package arrive. The wild edible guides I ordered are finally here!  This can only mean one thing… gotta get out for a hike to explore!

I know it’s a Monday, but I’m keeping my priorities straight – have to get in touch with my wild side! Got my glass jar and a few illustrated guides (just in case) to help me identify all those wild n' crazy weeds.  Spent all afternoon trying to figure out what's what out there in the woods.  I'm so amazed at nature's infinite potential, it's unreal. Who says a city girl can't get a little wild with nature once in a while?

My name's Mila and this is My Way.

Mila currently lives in Boulder, CO, and is a wild food lovin, raw food chef and writer. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can find some of her amazing before and after transformation videos.