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My Way: Natalia Karoway-Waterhouse


Natalia is a passionate raw & living foods chef currently at home in sunny Florida. Through Glowing Temple she creates nourishing meals for fabulous clients, writes recipes for the Green Girls and plays on camera with Modern Hippie Mag. Natalia has also teamed up with a popular Sarasota restaurant, mi Pueblo to create a live & organic menu served at this hot spot every day! She is currently working on a recipe book that she envisions printed beautifully in full-color, but impatience has got her working on a preview in e-book form. What began as a journey to kick a raging case of Candida, knocked Natalia quickly on her path. The raw food lifestyle has brought more joy, pleasure & good, clean, green fun than she ever imagined. 

My Way: Natalia

Thursday - I'm up at 7:45 for yoga. I have a big glass of water, some probiotics, and my Vitamin Code B12 & multi before I head to class. Some form of movement is crucial for my well-being, but I do find myself to be a commitment-phobe when it comes to exercise. So I’ve been hopping around for the past year, from yoga, to Nia, to hooping, now back to yoga. This time, something feels like it’s clicked.  I’m going twice a week and feel like I’ve gotten into the groove this past month (I hope). After class, I stop by my local natural grocer for some fruits & veggies. I’m normally a farmer’s market girl, but summer is a tough time in Florida.  It’s too hot to grow most greens and things, so the organic farmers take a break. I stock up and head for home. 
At home, I’m hungry!  I am excited to have some leftover chia pudding from yesterday. I add in some sliced strawberries to freshen it up, yum!  It’s late morning and I want to get to work, but life is fluid and I go with the flow.  My mom calls: she and my brother are supposed to be flying in for a visit tonight, but my bro is sick due to fast food poisoning (don’t even get me started).  Besides being thoroughly disappointed (my mom hasn’t been to visit me in FL yet), I’m also furious because I’m living this life to inspire change and I can’t even inspire those I love most? Ahhhhh!  Well, it’s not enough to get this happy girl down for longer than a few minutes. I hop on the phone, change their flight and trust that it’s all divine. I’ll see them Sunday. 
It’s now lunch time and I’ve got to head out in a few minutes so I find what’s left of a tiny kale salad and enjoy every bite. Ohhhhhh, now I get to have some fun! I like to live my life in balance of part hippie, part glam, part savvy business woman, part tech geek. So, I pre-ordered the iPhone 4. Yup, I’m one of those girls. So I went to grab it and got home to start playing with it. Not for too long, though. It’s time to get in the kitchen! After a little green salad of romaine, tomatoes and a creamy hemp dressing (lunch #2), I’m getting down to business. A friend commissioned a peanut butter inspired dessert which gets me super excited. I love to fulfill cravings with healthy versions of classic desserts. I whip up a sweet almond crust and a rich creamy, peanut buttery filling that makes me very, very happy that I made enough for 2 pies. That means one for my house!

My sweet husband Adam arrives home and we’re ready for dinner. I am so blessed to have Adam joining me on this raw food journey. It means everything to have that support. We finish up what’s left from my Heirloom Tomato & Avocado Stacks that I created for the Green Girls and catch each other up on the day’s events. After dinner, we’re both on our computers. Adam is a graphic and web designer and we both turn to the other when we need creative support. He’s just re-branded his company, Bottomless Design and I love to work with him whenever I have a spare moment or need a break from all things food. I used to be a textile designer before I became a raw food chef, so I love to work on visually creative projects.  Tonight we talk about some logo ideas he’s working on for new client. Then it’s time for a good night’s sleep.

Friday - I’m up at 8.  I hop on the computer right away and catch up on emails, social networking, all that fun stuff. I was planning on entertaining family today and playing at the beach, but now I’m going to really use this gifted time to my advantage. I head into the kitchen to mix up a chocolate sauce for yesterday’s peanut butter pie, which completely sends it over the top. Woah! I can’t wait to dig in, but I’m going to save it to surprise my mom and brother when they arrive. I use the strong Florida sun to my advantage and make some sun tea. I get back on the computer to help a friend promote a contest she has entered. I love to support people’s dreams and in turn, I feel universally supported. It’s so important for us to join forces and help one another! 

It’s still morning and I’m feeling hungry. I’m really focused today and I want to keep it simple, so I just grab a banana. It’s pretty rare for me, but it’s what’s available. I had been on a huge green smoothie kick all winter and spring, but with the lack of local greens, I’m doing more fruit for breakfast this summer.


I was able to schedule in a video with Modern Hippie Mag  today that had been canceled earlier in the week. I get my kitchen all picked up and prep the ingredients for my recipe. I have some salad for lunch and then crew arrives and we get the video done! We make a nice, simple summer dessert: Pretty Parfait. I use this segment to promote easy recipes that can get people inspired without having to invest in new equipment or exotic ingredients, you know, easy enough that my mom will make them (I hope)!  The Modern Hippie crew loves the sweets & I love to share it!

A quick clean up and I’m on to the next project. Now that I’ve got the iPhone 4, I can shoot HD video.  Wow!  A friend clued me in to Living Light’s “Hot Raw Chef Contest,” so since I’m already in the groove, I’m going to film this one today. I get all ready and Adam starts the filming. I’m a total goof ball today and I just can’t stop laughing! I shared my favorite recipe for Creamy Peppercorn Ranch Dressing. Seriously, make this! As soon as I’m sure we have the footage we need, we both dig in. We’re so hungry and with carrot sticks already prepped, dipping in the dressing tastes oh so good. I can’t stop, I grab some romaine and keep on going. 
Even though it’s Friday night, we both can’t keep from working. We’re back on our computers for a bit until my sweet tooth speaks up. I had some sweet coconut wrappers that I had dehydrated earlier in the week and I fill them with vanilla cream from the parfait and fresh strawberries. We relax on the couch while indulging. It doesn’t get much better than this.
Saturday - Mmmm, the weekend! Though I’ll work a little, it’s mostly playtime that starts by staying in bed a bit longer than usual.  We’re still working off of our gifted time, so Adam and I spend a few hours cleaning the office that has been a mess since we moved into our home in December. Ridiculous! We’ve been so busy though, it really took this postponed visit to give us the chance to take care of it. Mid-way through, I run to the kitchen to make us something that will keep us going: a smoothie with hemp seed, maca, lucuma, banana, strawberries, dates, and spirulina. Adam starts turning our house into a little more of a home by hanging pictures while I play in the kitchen, making flax crackers and dehydrated eggplant. I toss a salad of romaine, avocado and creamy peppercorn ranch dressing that is super fatty, filling and satisfying—just the way I like it! 
We’re blessed enough to be able to be on a Gulf of Mexico beach in under 10 minutes so we take advantage as much as we can. I love going for the 5 o’clock sun-kiss. It’s still sunny and hot, but no need for sunscreen. We play in the water and sit on the beach. We sip iced sun tea and snack on the pecan crunchies leftover from yesterday’s parfait video. It goes from super sunny to stormy and dark as huge clouds quickly roll in. We stay until the wind begins to whip and take that as our cue to head home.  I’m craving Mexican food, so we stop at the store on the way home to pick up a few things. I make a spicy sunflower and chipotle pâté and fresh salsa, wrap it up with cabbage leaves and drizzle on some creamy peppercorn ranch dressing because I’m so obsessed with it right now, I’ll put it on just about anything. After dinner, it’s time to get pretty and meet up with friends. We meet up at a restaurant where my good friend’s parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, how sweet! In Florida, Adam and I are so far from both of our families. We’ve really had to build our own sense of family here, it’s something I can’t live without. I am so lucky to have found friends like these. It’s so cool too, because we’re all working on our own projects and businesses, we’re really able to support each other’s visions and pool our resources.  Nice!
Monday - Last night we picked up my mom and brother Ian from the airport. I am super excited! Adam and I are living in our first home and they’re our first house guests! I let them sleep in, because I know how exhausting travel can be. Since Mondays are my “Weekly Glow”, I get right to work. I have a handful of amazingly grateful clients that I prepare food for each week. Finding my way has been an interesting journey with a lot of “a-ha” moments. One of them was finding how to make a living doing what I love and what I am meant to do. I kept being told by intuitives that I had healing energy and that I should look for a way to channel that. I kept searching, should I learn Reiki or other energy work? Massage? Something else? One day I was just filled with the information “You’re already doing it. You channel healing energy through food.” Oh, right, that makes sense! I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I prepare my food very intentionally, joyfully and full of love. My clients are healers themselves, intuitives, Reiki masters, massage therapists, yoga teachers. I love to know that I can nourish healers through my work. 
I share a smoothie with my Mom & Ian when they rise: hemp seed, banana, blueberries, maca, lucuma, dates and spirulina. They totally dig it. They love my food, when it’s presented to them. It’s just getting them inspired to create it on their own, that’s been my challenge.
It’s a full day today, making kale tabbouleh, lasagna, and cabbage tacos with spicy Brazil nut crumble and corn salsa. Dessert and snacks are already done from the weekend, otherwise it’s too much to complete in a day! When all is said and done, I sit with my family and enjoy some of the bounty. I love to sample a bit of everything. We all enjoy it! My mom can’t wait to hit the beach, but of course it’s been raining quite a bit today. I welcome the change of pace the rain brings—not to mention it’s watering all of my edibles. I planted a lemon and lime tree this spring, plus a dragon fruit cactus, Thai ginger, herbs and edible flowers. It clears up just in time to take a walk along the beach and catch a little sunset. Once back at the house, we all dig in to the tacos. They are so fantastic and super filling, so much so, that it’s one of those rare dessert-free nights. Time to digest and then get to bed, because I’m playing tour guide the rest of the week! Should be a blast!

My name's Natalia and this is My Way.

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