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My Way: Rebekah Borucki


Rebekah “Bex” Borucki is a mother-of-three, a Certified Personal Trainer, and an urban farming hobbyist raising backyard chickens and growing her own organic garden in a small urban space. Her popular workout series on YouTube - "You Have 4 Minutes" - shows people how to fit effective daily exercise routines into the busiest schedules. Her message is all about "organic fitness" and "muscle without meat". You can find out more about Bex' work and family on her website, BexLife.com.

At risk of sounding like I’m making a bad attempt at sounding philosophical, the only way I can really describe my daily activities is that they are, at once, always and never the same. As a business owner, a mother of three very active children, wife to a freelance music photographer, and guardian to 10 backyard chickens, one housecat, one stray cat, one feisty little turtle and 2 fuzzy gerbils, my chores are endless and my days are reliably unpredictable.

My Way: Bex

Thursday - is a photo shoot day. In addition to running my own fitness business, BexLife.com, I also work for my husband, Justin Borucki, a music & celebrity photographer. My dining room is filled with photo equipment all ready to be packed into the family/business minivan and I’m ready to start my morning chores. The following list of tasks is my everyday, so I’ll only bore you with this once: wake up to clucking chickens outside my window at 6:00am, feed the chickens, water the gardens, throw in a load of laundry, fold and put away the laundry from the night before, unload the dishwasher, wake up the kids, prepare breakfast (today it’s organic eggs from my backyard chickens and fresh fruit), pack up my essentials for the photo shoot, feed the family, clean up after the family, rush out the door.

Today we’re in upstate New York at the home of Funkmaster Flex, shooting him with his brand new Harley Davidson custom motorcycle for Rides Magazine. I know it’s going to be a long hot day, so I’ve packed extra bananas, blueberries, cashews and lots of water. I always have snacks on hand – one part because I’m a mom and one part because being an active person on a mostly raw diet requires eating a lot of light small meals and snacks. This will be my entire diet for the rest of the day. The shoot goes well and all involved seem happy. It’s never fun working in the hot sun, but I really can’t complain about a job that allows me to be surrounded by the most creative people all the time, including my adorable husband. The day ends with our long drive back to New Jersey by way of Brooklyn to drop off our photo assistant. We only have to work outside the home a handful of days each month, and I’m so grateful that we have careers that allow us to be home with our children most of the time. It’s only been 10 hours since I’ve seen the kids, but I can’t wait to cuddle them when I get home!

Friday -  This Friday is a very special day. I’m packing my bags (and my 2-banana breakfast) for the weekend to stay in our Brooklyn place, because I’m starting my Strala Yoga teacher training with celebrity yoga instructor, Tara Stiles. If you’re at all familiar with me or with my YouTube videos, you’ll know that I’m two things: [1] a very aggressive fitness trainer and [2] a banana ADDICT. I discovered Tara Stiles on YouTube during a personal video series I was making about my exploration of different fitness options. I wanted to balance my practice and explore the “softer side of Bex.” After many visits to several yoga studios and only one visit to hers, I quickly realized that Strala is my yoga home. What I also discovered is that yoga is not at all about being “soft."  I’ve never been challenged like this before. The jury is still out on whether or not I will begin teaching yoga after this, but I’ve already integrated it into my personal and client practices. To keep my energy up for class, I get a “Black Beauty” smoothie from Great Jones Spa and do a Whole Foods “raw haul”, picking up blackberries, nuts, grapes, apricots, bananas, blueberries, and coconut water.

After two intense classes and buckets of sweat left on my yoga mat, I meet up with my very good friend, Michael Perrine, from Gravity East Village for dinner at Quintessence. Holy Buddha Bowl! I am in complete raw bliss, and I can’t believe this is my first time here. I also sample the raw “cream cheese” nori rolls and their pecan pie. The night ends with me, back in the Brooklyn apartment, editing videos late into the night and indulging in one of my favorite chick flicks, Legends of the Fall.


Saturday - It’s Saturday morning, and it’s time to make more yoga (as Tara would say)!  If I’m not eating my backyard chicken eggs, I always have a fruit breakfast. I snack on my leftover fruit from my giant Whole Foods raw haul and hit the road for more yoga and my first official teacher training class at Strala. I’ve already made fast friends with a couple classmates, so I’m excited to get to work. The group is so diverse and beautiful and talented – the intimidation level should be high, but I feel so comfortable with this group of strangers. Today’s diet will be more raw fruits and nuts from Whole Foods and one organic Greek yogurt.  We are surprised in class with an impromptu assignment – get up and teach for 5 minutes! I teach in my usual aggressive style with emphasis on poses that require lots of strength. I power through the 5 minutes and quietly rejoice when it’s over.

Michael Perrine is my favorite NYC hangout friend, so I call him again for some afternoon eats. Two classmates tag along and we trek over to Liquiteria for juice and lunch.  My pineapple and green juice is just what I need on this stifling-hot New York day. I love that I can walk down any downtown block and find something healthy and real to eat. The local grocery store in the little town in New Jersey where we live during the week doesn’t offer one organic option in any of their departments. It’s a huge injustice that so few Americans have access to real food.

The Universe works in pretty amazing ways, and today it brought Dhrumil right in front of me as I was noshing on my avocado wrap. What are the chances that we would run into each other, as I’m blogging for WeLikeItRaw.com? Today, I’m in love with the Universe and it’s “mysterious ways.”

After I get my fill of juice, avocado and great conversation, Michael and I head over to Gravity East Village to make a video for my newest project, RoadtoRaw – a guided detox program that includes a 14-Day Raw Food Cleanse and a 7-Day Juice Feast. My primary audience and client-base is young and mainstream, and I’m thrilled to be able to introduce them to the miraculous effects of colonics and a raw diet. Making videos with Michael is always fun – he has a great sense of humor and an incredibly warm spirit. I head back to Brooklyn for a late-night boardgame tournament with friends. I tote along gifts of raw treats for everyone to share and we snack on fruit, pita bread and hummus between our heated Catchphrase and Boggle battles.


Sunday - Experiencing life as a single girl in NYC is fun for a couple days, but I’m anxious to get back to my family tomorrow after more teacher training. My body is sore, but my heart is soaring with excitement over all the amazing things that are happening in my life right now. I get back to the empty apartment around 1AM, check my business email, answer some client questions and fall asleep around 2AM, hoping to get in a good 6 hours sleep before I start another day. In addition to a full day of yoga tomorrow, I have morning plans to meet-up with Danielle Charboneau, one of my Road To Raw partners who is on vacation in NYC from Los Angeles.  Busy busy busy... and lovin’ it!

My name's Bex and this is My Way.

Bex currently lives in both Brooklyn and NJ, with her husband Justin, and three beautiful children. Check out her website BexLife, friend her up on Facebook, or catch her on Twitter. All photos by Justin.