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100% Raw: What Works, What Doesn't, and Our Evolving Journeys


In our latest podcast we, Dhrumil and Philip, talk about our live food journeys and how they've evolved over a period of time. Specifically we go into the topic of 100% and what's worked, what hasn't, and where we are today.

Question: How has your journey evolved over a time? Drop us a line in the comments.

53 minutes | Download the MP3 | Subscribe via iTunes

Topics Covered

Our Raw Food Backgrounds

  • The inspiration that got Dhrumil and Philip started on their raw food journey
  • The motivation behind Dhrumil and Philip originally choosing to be "100% raw"
  • How dogma played and didn't play into dietary choices

What Works and Doesn't with 100% Raw (for us)

  • Philip talks about the initial fears that showed when he considered going off 100% raw
  • Working out, raw food, and how dietary choice effect long term goals
  • Dhrumil talks about how meaningless the term "100% raw" is
  • Understanding the difference between eating food for caloric intake vs eating food for nutrition

Evolving the Journey

  • Philip talks about his first experiences going off raw food
  • Dhrumil talks about the power of experimentation and questioning what doesn't work
  • Not all "cooked food" is equal

Practical Tips

  • Dhrumil and Philip talk about what cooked items have worked for them as they've evolved their journeys
  • Closing thoughts from Dhrumil and Philip on being 100% raw

Notes: So sorry, but towards the end of the podcast there is a little sound interference. It is short, but we apologize.