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[Rawspot] Pure Food & Wine's Saké on Tap!

Location: 54 Irving Place - NYC (Corner of 17th St, few blogs away from Union Square Station)
Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 5:30pm - 11pm daily
Website: purefoodandwine.com

Today we are spotlighting our favorite restaurant in the city, Pure Food and Wine. Owned by the lovely Sarma Melngailis, this sophisticated NYC hot spot has been open since 2004, but still manages to keep their menu fresh, seasonal, and inspired. From their Hazelnut Crostinis with Crimini Mushrooms to their ridiculously delicious Heirloom Tomato Lasagna, Pure Food knows how to give it to you raw! 

Mouth-watering raw desserts and dinners aren't were it stops either, Pure Food and Wine is now the first and only restaurant in NYC with saké on tap, and its organic! Don't act all holier than though now, I know some of you still enjoy your vino, now there are more options. We love saké for several reasons, even though it is not technically raw. Saké is made from steamed rice, yeast, a mold called koji, and filtered water. It can be pasteurized or unpasteurized. Despite its non-rawness it is full of nutrients – rich in amino acids – and it has a reputation for being a love potion in Japan. Oooo... sexy.

Saké is fermented rather than distilled which creates beneficial bacteria (sort of like kombucha) especially in the unfiltered variety. It is much less harsh than liquor, with a lower alcohol content and is less likely to give you a pounding hangover should you happen to have one too many.

So next time you roll through our favorite party spot, hit up sommelier and eco-activist Joey Repice, and ask him for a White Light Tini, a Master Cleanse Tini, or saké straight from the tap. You can thank me later.

Our Favorites: Check out the House Cured Olives, Dr. Cow Nut Cheese Platter, and their S&M Salad. Wa-psh! (insert whip snapping sound).