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The Vegan Assassin

Last week Philip sent me a link to one of the most entertaining videos I've seen in a log time. The video featured our homeboy, and fellow NYC Tribe Member, The Vegan Assassin.

This weekend I met up with The Vegan Assassin and asked him to talk a little bit about what he's up to with his videos. You can peep some of his videos on YouTube and his personal site

More about The Vegan Assassin:

Alex was originally born and raised in the Bay Area; in his mid-twenties moved to San Diego.  About a year and a half ago Alex relocated to NYC to run sales division for a software company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.  Alex has always had a passion for vegetarianism (started at age 10), fitness and the study of interpersonal relationships. Alex enjoys working out every day, eating his greens, enjoying the NY social life, and tuning into his spirituality. Alex finds happiness in his life by focusing on balancing: work, love interests, health, & purpose.

Alex prides himself on being a mainstream vegetarian who focuses on having fun, being professionally successful and an overall positive person at all times despite whatever hardships or challenges should arise. His compassion and empathy for others runs deep in his core and defines how he treats humans and animals alike. Alex’s dream is to one day run a chain of vegetarian restaurants all across the united states, bringing healthy, inexpensive and delicious alternatives to meat-based foods whilst reducing animal suffering and environmental impact of our eating habits.