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All Things Energy: Partying, Alcohol, Intimacy, Exercise, and more


Hey what's up everybody, Dhrumil and Philip here with our latest podcast. This time we're talking about all things "energy". How to get more, how to avoid losing it, how to deal with all that extra energy that raw foodies have, and much, much more.

In this podcast, just like our other ones, we keep conversation as real as possible. So don't be shocked when we cover topics like alcohol, cooked meals, meditation, masturbation and intimacy. Our goal at the end of the day is not to be shock jocks, but rather create the space for honest conversation to take place.

We hope you enjoy!

Question: What is your experience with energy? Drop us a line in the comments.

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Topics Covered

Types of Energy

  • Physical energy; through fitness, sleep, proper eating.
  • Mental energy; clarity, focus, and mental stamina.
  • Emotional energy; feeling energy of those around us.
  • Digestive energy; the internal processing and requiring energy.

Our Energy Levels before Raw

  • Dhrumil and Philip share about their energy levels prior to their raw food journey.
  • Philip shares about being energy-less, and requiring lots of sleep.
  • Dhrumil shares about processed vegan food robbing him of energy.

Our Energy Levels after Raw

  • Philip shares about fasting, clarity, and abundant energy.
  • Burning your adrenals out: the coffee/horse analogy.
  • What is true energy, and what isn't.
  • What adds energy, and what takes it away.

Things that effect our Energy

  • Sleep: How sleep effects us, whats good, and what throws us off.
  • Partying: Finding balance through choice and priorities.
  • Alcohol: How wine, champagne, and sake effects us.
  • Career: How energy effects our focus, clarity, motivation, and drive.
  • Exercise: Noticing increased energy and overall happiness.
  • Food: Does lightly cooked food effect our energy?
  • Masturbation/Intimacy: How "release" effects our energy.
  • Meditation: How falling still and noticing our breath helps.

Practical Tips

  • Philip shares about creating awareness around your current energetic levels.
  • Closing thoughts from Dhrumil about adding tools to your tool box.
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