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Happy Birthday Dhrumil


Today its my honor and pleasure to celebrate my good friend, and fellow co-conspirators birthday, Dhrumil. He always does such an amazing time with introductions, now its my turn...

Who is Dhrumil?
Dhrumil Purohit is the Chief Community Ambassador of We Like It Raw and Give It To Me Raw, the Internets largest online Raw Food Community. He had the foresight five years ago to birth these two websites in an effort to bridge the gap in the rawfood community, bring people together, and spotlight some of the most amazing people, restaurants, and events around. Since then Give It To Me Raw has grown to almost 12,000 members and has been the catalyst for thousands of connections, information, events, and even a few relationships!
Speaking of connecting people, no other words seem to ring more true when I think of some of Dhrumil's strongest strengths. If you have a question, about any subject, chances are he knows someone that he can connect you with that can help you along your way. From the moment he meets you he'll memorize your name, occupation, and a few bits about yourself. Within minutes he'll be introducing you to someone else at a party or event that has a similar interest, thus connecting people, fostering friendships, and creating bonds. That's pretty special.

Dhrumil is also a founding partner at The Clean Program, a health and wellness company that manufactures and sells detox and cleansing protocols. Dhrumil's honesty, integrity, intelligence, and business savviness helped him and his team grow The Clean Program to a multi-million dollar company within the first year, a pretty amazing feat for a 27 year old considering most start-up go bankrupt.

His sisters might say...
His younger sister Kaya and older sister Harshal might say that he is one of the most amazing brothers that they could imagine having. Always putting them first, caring, protecting, loving, and even serving. He is always there for support, friendship, and guidance too. Basically hes more than the best brother. He's the best friend/mentor/comedian. Just take your pick. 

His friends might say...
Dhrumil is a genuine guy, a true friend, an urban monk, and a jokester wrapped all in one. He's grounded, present, spiritual, and in the moment. He's a fan of Eckhart Tolle and John Mayer. He love's to beat box, is a smooth dancer, and makes great eye contact too (easy ladies). He's given personal advice to most of us, free business advice to half of us, and his friendship to all of us. We are honored.

What would he say about himself?

Not much. He prefers to stand in the background and cheer others on. The most he has ever shared was "I'm a Sherpa, a simple guide, nothing more. Pointing people in the direction of holistic health and spiritual presence."   Although... he did coin the term "Spiritual Player."  : )

Pretty humble guy. Pretty amazing man.

He's our Tribe Leader.

Today Dhrumil, we are grateful... for u.

** Feel free to leave your birthday comments below or on the YouTube video. Also be sure to show love to Dhrumil's Facebook and Twitter.