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Integrating Reiki into your Life


For the past 14 years I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher. This is a healing art that I love dearly and am very excited to share. I do private sessions as well as train others to practice Reiki as well. I am such a big believer in this tool allowing the right energies at the right time that I rarely advertise, but rather let individuals or situations find me. I find that this keeps ego out of the process and allows the most beautiful energy to occur.

What is Reiki?

It is a Japanese technique that promotes deep relaxation, stress release and allows Universal life force energy to flow. The basic belief behind Reiki is that in a relaxed state the body can heal itself.  It is just that simple. This can happen by touching the individual, intention without touching the individual or sending Reiki from a distance to an individual or circumstance. Intention is always for the highest good for all.

Reiki is a very intuitive gentle energy that can produce profound results. Often my clients will simply fall asleep during a session and wake up refreshed. It is also very common for them to feel various sensations during a session ranging from heat to mild tingling. Frequently individuals will think that I am working on a part of their body that I am not. This is due to the intuitive nature of Reiki. It flows to where it is most needed, and the practitioner does not need to know what needs Reiki. They only have to allow the Reiki to flow and the rest takes care of itself. This is very appealing to private individuals who do not wish to discuss their reasons for a session.

On a side note, Reiki is also very appealing to individuals who do not like massage since a session can be done without being touched, and the recipient remains fully clothed. I am very excited that Reiki is becoming more and more recognized in the medical community. Many hospitals are now using Reiki practitioners with their patients with incredible results. There is much research being done on how patients respond to this gentle treatment. Patients have reported feeling more relaxed about surgical procedures; have experienced a more rapid recovery rate and even a boosted immunity to illness.

How I Found Reiki

On a personal level, I feel that Reiki pretty much found me since I was willing for it to be a part of my life. I had never heard of it, and books on energy healing started literally falling off the shelves in book stores into my hands. This awakened anew interests that I had had since childhood. In less than 2 weeks after this started happening, a friend contacted me about taking a Reiki class that she had heard about.  We immediately signed up knowing that it was exactly what we needed to do.

I find Reiki to be a huge part of my daily life. I use it without really even thinking about it anymore. Since Reiki is always used for the highest good for all concerned, I always send Reiki to all the workshops that I teach before I teach them, and I often feel Reiki flowing from my hands while leading a group on anything from Laughter Yoga to making green smoothies. This energy is limitless and can be used for anything, anywhere, anytime.

Reiki can also be used for personal protection.  I like to surround my car with Reiki energy when traveling to keep my travels safe. Since intention is a big part of this technique, I can use it for personal safety when out and about on my daily routine as well as when leading groups or anything else. All it takes is a few moments set aside to set the intention that my day will go well, that I will be offered only circumstances that are for my highest good and  for those that I come in contact with that day. I allow for myself to be protected in any encounters I may have that day.

Reiki can only be passed through attunements from the teacher to the student. However it is important to understand that intention plays a huge role in Reiki. For anyone that is interested in starting the use of Reiki, but has yet to take a class, I often recommend experimenting with intention and holding space for only the the highest good to occur in any given situation.

An example would be for personal protection:

  • Simply take a few moments out of your day to visualize that you will have a wonderful safe day.
  • Envision a protective shield around your car.
  • Hold space or rather meditate for a few moments on a protective force of love surrounding your body.
  • You can also place your hands on your body anywhere you feel discomfort and “feel” or affirm wellness.
  • Don’t limit yourself, allow gentle playfulness with what you can naturally do for yourself.

To sum it all up, Reiki can be used for pretty much anything; stress release, healing, personal protection and the list goes on. I have literally tried it everywhere and on everything I could think of. I love how gentle and non-evasive it is.  No one even needs to know that you are doing Reiki. You can do it from anywhere. With this tool by my side, I am often presented with the most wonderful opportunities; such as sending healing to the Earth and the honor of giving Reiki to the most incredible individuals on the planet.

Aside from being an artist, BarefootArtist (aka Rhonda Lee,MEd) is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Laughter Yoga Leader.  She also teaches stress management classes, workshops on living foods and a variety of other health and wellness classes. To find out more or contact her, she can be reached through her site:  www.laughyourlife.com.